# Will the real islamic state please stand up #

May I have your attention please...

May I have your attention please...

will the real Islamic state stand up.

I repeat, will the real Islamic State please stand up.

We're gonna have a problem here,

Because ISIS ain't it.

I am not speaking up here just for its oppression of Christians. I am not going to put the "noon" as a symbol of solidarity.

Nor for the plight of the Yezidis on Shinjar mountain (to protect whom Obama came running and bombed ISIS... mostly in a different location around Irbil to protect its CIA base there... Do not trust what America tells you. )

Because each of those campaigns and bandwagons belittles Muslim blood.

The pope can scream about Christian persecution by ISIS while remaining silent about Christian persecution by Israel.

Obama and BBC News and the rest of the media can take the moral high ground when talking about the plight of the Yezdis.

What none of them tells you is that the biggest victim of ISIS is Muslims.

The Christian persecution has a limit - ISIS want protection money and while they don't understand Islam or its rules, this means that Christians can atleast remain where they are without being massacred.

Even with the Yezidis, many of whom have fled to Shinjar mountain are mostly dying due to lack of provisions. Their plight is awful. They should be helped and a corridor has been prepared for their escape.

But all this ignores the main victims of ISIS. All these western friendly images of human plight should not drown out the Muslim blood being spilt. For a lot is being spilt.

ISIS has a long bloody history and its mostly Muslim blood it has spilt. Before then it was Al qaeda affiliated groups that used to enjoy spilling Muslim blood, but ISIS has outdone them.

When multiples groups were fighting and had the upper hand against Assad, ISIS came from behind taking over their power centres, killing their leaders in order to usurp their fighters and strengths. This has lead to an increasingly bloody conflict in Syria.

Granted ISIS has had a few encounters with Assad's forces now, but the bloodshed in Syria could have been over (unlikely) or reduced if it wasnt for ISIS.

I do expect the return of a proper caliphate and maybe within a decade. But ISIS is not it. (I do not buy the Iranian rumours that it is allied/created by Mossad/CIA/Lock Ness Monster. ISIS is pure unadulterated wahabism taken to its logical extremes.)

It is organised and may actually deal with some of the problems of the many competing groups (because it is better armed, better organised than them and it will have rarely have leadership challenges because it simply executes in horrible ways anything that may question its authority.)

Saudi may also have big trouble with Saudi Arabia - while the rich fat rulers of the country may fear it, many ordinary saudis identify with it and before it managed to Plunder the Mosul bank of its hundreds of millions, its main funding source was the ordinary saudi.

ISIS would not have been anything spectacular had the Iraqi army not melted in Mosul (I suspect due to hacked communication systems giving false orders), as by capturing Mosul it obtained funds in the hundreds of millions (or even billions) of dollars, modern arms from tanks to missiles to helicopters that the fleeing forces left behind in their military bases.

The whirlwind of the victory also gave them a claim to fame and many others fighting with other groups would want to join them as fate seemed on their side, swelling ISIS's ranks.

ISIS has had many alliances, but often they are shortlives as ISIS has a penchant of executing the leadership in allied groups in order to co-opt the rest of the organisation, then giving the people a choice between death and membership.

ISIS lives by the sword, and its followers claim that when an individual claims to be the leader of the Muslims, even if he is flawed he must be followed. They deliberately miss out the second option; kill the usurper.