Western liberals fear destruction of history while ignoring human lives in Syria

From The Guardian

Isis reaches gates of ancient Syrian city Palmyra, stoking fears of destruction

Islamic State group fighters have advanced to the gates of ancient Palmyra on Thursday, raising fears the Syrian world heritage site could face destruction of the kind the jihadis have already wreaked in Iraq.

Isis fighters were battling Syrian troops less than two kilometres (barely a mile) from the remains of one of the most important cultural centres of the ancient world, Syria’s director of antiquities said.

The comments following the story are extra fun.

The Palestinians of Yarmouk and the shameful silence when Israel is not to blame

Palestinian refugees are being starved, bombed and gunned down like animals. “If you want to feed your children, you need to take your funeral shroud with you,” one told Israeli news website Ynet. “There are snipers on every street, you are not safe anywhere.”

This isn’t happening, however, in southern Lebanon, or even Gaza. And these particular Palestinians aren’t being killed or maimed by Israeli bombs and bullets.

Briton killed fighting in Syria

Today there are reports about a Briton who was so enraged by events that he went to fight in Syria has been killed.

He allied himself with groups many consider to be terrorists.

However, most news reports will be sympathetic to his case for he was not Muslim.

His case will be shown more nuance than for Muslims who may return or die in Syria - who may have even been fighting against the same group!

Many of them will also have been fighting against terrorism and barbarity - the top two groups responsible are probably Assad's forces followed by ISIS. The barbarity of Assad's forces is probably an order of magnitude greater than all the other groups combined.

How should the UK deal with returnees from Syria?

Yusuf Sarwar was arrested and then convicted after returning from Syria

There is a story on BBC News today: a mother who cooperated with the police when she found out about her son, Yusuf Sarwar, had traveled to Syria to fight felt betrayed by his arrest and subsequent 12 years and 8 months sentence under the anti terrorism laws.

His mother Majida told the BBC she believed the sentence would discourage other Muslims from helping the police.

There is a question of how these returnees should be treated. Should they be incarcerated and seen as a problem? Surely they cannot be left alone, after coming back from carrying out "terrorist activities" abroad?

Random thoughts on Kobane, ISIS, Turkey and the Khorasan

Kobane/Kobani in Syria next to the Turkish border and has for a couple of months now been under assault by SIS.

There has been immense international pressure on Turkey to intervene and when it didn't, mass accusations that it was aiding ISIS.

It has often been stated that Turkey is often a route used by westerners to get into Syria/Iraq and potentially join ISIS. Further "damning" evidence against Turkey is that potentially around 400 Turks have joined ISIS.

What is often ignored when quoting this number is that there are more suspected britons (500) of having joined ISIS that Turks (400) even though Turkey is a Muslim country and is right next to the theatre of operations.

"ن": When Muslims partake in white supremacy

Someone informed me recently about an online campaign raising awareness of the plight of persecuted Christians in Iraq.

The symbol of solidarity for that was the Arabic letter n, or "ن".

On Sunday I was listening to the news and there was someone from the church on saying that the UK government has been far too quiet for far too long on the plight of Christians in Iraq.

I haven't liked what the campaign represented for the first moment. I understand that for western individuals this may seem worthy and they may focus on the non-muslim minorities. I think it is misguided for Muslims to join any such campaign

What this campaign and others do is devalue Muslim blood.

# Will the real islamic state please stand up #

May I have your attention please...

May I have your attention please...

will the real Islamic state stand up.

I repeat, will the real Islamic State please stand up.

We're gonna have a problem here,

Because ISIS ain't it.

I am not speaking up here just for its oppression of Christians. I am not going to put the "noon" as a symbol of solidarity.

Nor for the plight of the Yezidis on Shinjar mountain (to protect whom Obama came running and bombed ISIS... mostly in a different location around Irbil to protect its CIA base there... Do not trust what America tells you. )

Because each of those campaigns and bandwagons belittles Muslim blood.

Muslim Briton convicted of terrorist offences for going to fight in Syria

Today news arrives that the 31 year old father of two Mr Mashudur Choudhry has been convicted of terrorism related offences for going to fight in Syria.

Syria is currently a mess and going to fight there may be a bad idea especially as allegiances of different groups are murky and chances are people you consider on your own side will be trying to kill you for fighting with another group. Or worse you will be forced to work with groups carrying out attrocities and other crime.

However I do not think that it should be a criminal offence for people to go to Syria, even if to fight and any anti terrorism laws that make this a criminal offence are wrong.

Assad is a Monster and he must be forcibly removed

This week there was meant to be a peace conference to try and solve the syrian situation. There has been much wrangling over who will attend. First the rebels said they wouldn't attend. then they said they would.

Then it transpired that Iran wasnt invited. Then it was. Then it confirmed that it will attend. Then the rebels said that they won't attend. Then the invitation to Iran was withdrawn. Now Assad may decide to withdraw.

Unconnected countries like Mexico are allowed to attend but not Iran...

While this was going on, Qatar, a major backer of regime change in Syria had commissioned a UK agency to prepare a report on attrocities commited by the regime. It decided that today was the right day to release the report (pdf).


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