There would be greater outrage if Israel carried out 1% of death and destruction by Syrian forces

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What is happening in Aleppo (and Syria in general) is truly shocking. Yet most Muslims do not seem to be as outraged as when Israel attacks the Palestinians or even Lebanon.

A lot of leftists you can ignore because they are more defined by their awe of Russia and anti American sentiment more than by justice or humanity.

But even Muslims are the same. I have even come across sentiment suggesting “aah well, atleast it is Muslims killing Muslims” as if that is some sort of excuse and makes it less bad.

That makes it worse – people who are meant to have the highest humanity and morality carrying out such despicable acts.

There is no equivalence of what is happening in Syria – some people will point out that there have been attrocities by most groups in Suria, but that is false equivalence. Over 90% of the destruction is being carried out by one side and that destruction started even before there was an armed oposition.

Even ISIS pale in comparison to the attrocities committed by the Syrian Regime.

Those that take comfort in thinking that the “American backed opposition” is losing, so see it as a blow to America should realise that America did not want them to win. They allowed them to be armed when it was in their favour. But when it looked like Assad could be defeated, they prevented any arms to flow and cooperated with both the Syrian Regime and Russia to bring about the current situation.

In effect these people are cheering on American policy.


I agree with most of what you say, the losers are the ordinary Syrians, regardless of religion. You obviously dislike the Syrian regime, but Syria was a well run country and most peoples needs were met.

Assad would not have lived forever and leaders good and bad, do change. But in the attempted violent overthrow their are no winners. Assad will will most likely come out on top to rule a devestated country. The losers will still be losers and have to live in a devestated country.

Who is behind it? IMHO the simple answer is to look at a] who would have gained most with Assads demise? and b] who will now gain from Assad remaining in power.