Beat the Bullies

By Imaani Aslam

Chances are you know someone who is being bullied or that even you yourself have at some time in your life been bullied. A recent report revealed a staggering 69% of young people are bullied. In other words, a shocking 2 out of 3 people [1].

So what can be classed as bullying?

Success in this life & the hereafter

Do you wanna be the richest person in the world? Do you want respect? Do you want success and happiness? Do you want to know what God loves and hates the most? Do you want strong faith? Do you want your prayers answered? Do you want success here and in the hereafter?

Well, all your answers are right here. Khalid ibn al Walîd(R.A.) narrated the following Hadith:

A man came one day to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and said to him,

'Oh Messenger of Allah! I've come to ask you a few questions about the affairs of this Life and the Hereafter.'

Ten Things To Do Before You Die

Do you know when you're gonna die? Of course you don't! You could be DEAD next week, next month or next year. So before you go what do you wanna do and achieve in life? What are your dreams and ambitions? What big plans do you have for your life? How do you wanna be remembered?

The Revival presents to you 10 things you should do before you die:

1. Fulfil your responsibilities

As Muslims there are many things that are compulsory (fardh) upon us like reading our prayers 5 times a day, performing Hajj once in a lifetime, to fast and to give zakat. So make Hajj a priority.... not 'I'll do it when I'm old'. Make up your missed prayers and make a promise not to miss any more... and start from NOW.

2. Live Your Dreams

Addicted to porn?


I am addicted to watching porn on the net. I know it's wrong but can't stop myself. What can I do to overcome my porn addiction?


Answer by Shaykh Salim Ghisa

This unfortunately has become a big problem intoday’s society. The simple reason is that the Haram is simply too easily accessible.

Bollywood Or Bust

Alveena Salim

Meera had an incurable brain tumour. The villains found where she lived and shot her in the head. Luckily for her the bullet passed through her ears taking away the tumour along with it, thus curing her in the process…

You Got Mail!

Alveena Salim

SweetGyal says… Phew, he's gone, dat was close-lol

Romeo007 says… Wat happnd?

SweetGyal says… My old man came in, so i had to close the window.

Romeo007 says… Lol-wat did he want?

SweetGyal says… He wanted to no why I was on the comp at 2.30am. i told him i was workin on an important college project due in 2moro.

Romeo007 says… LOL

SweetGyal says… Trust me, ma folks don't no jack, dey wouldn't no the diff between Microsoft Word and MSN Messenger.

SweetGyal says… Phew, he’s gone, dat was close-lol

Romeo007 says… Wat happnd?

Life's Too Short

By Alveena Salim

We live in such a fast society. Fast food, fast cars, fast internet and fast communication all means that it's easier to keep touch with loved ones.

However, despite living in such a fast society, how come we're always in a rush? How come we don't have time to keep in touch or to visit loved ones? And how come there are not enough hours in the day to just stop and think of someone other than our own selves?

The underlying reason behind our "busy lifestyle" is that we're selfish; we fail to think or be there for others, because we're too busy worrying about our own selves.

Home & Away

By Alveena Salim

Have things ever got so hectic that you seriously thought about running away from home? Has your family or so called mates peed you off so much that you considered packing your bags and leaving just to show ‘em? Have you ever been subjected to extreme physical/emotional abuse and thought that running away is the only answer to your problems? Or maybe you know or have heard of someone who was forced to take such a drastic action.

Lower Your Gaze

By Alveena Salim

Easy! Check him out…he must be the fittest boy I've ever seen… lets sit closer to get a better view … Gwaan check him out, but don't be too obvious…

Sound familiar? Its one of the most common topic of conversations in most schools and colleges, "We're only looking, it's minor" is the defensive response of most. However the question arises "Is it really not that much of a big deal?"