Ten Things To Do Before You Die

Do you know when you're gonna die? Of course you don't! You could be DEAD next week, next month or next year. So before you go what do you wanna do and achieve in life? What are your dreams and ambitions? What big plans do you have for your life? How do you wanna be remembered?

The Revival presents to you 10 things you should do before you die:

1. Fulfil your responsibilities

As Muslims there are many things that are compulsory (fardh) upon us like reading our prayers 5 times a day, performing Hajj once in a lifetime, to fast and to give zakat. So make Hajj a priority.... not 'I'll do it when I'm old'. Make up your missed prayers and make a promise not to miss any more... and start from NOW.

2. Live Your Dreams

If there’s anything you want to do…and its legit… then do it. If you ever wanted to go trekking across the Great Wall of China, go cruising in a Ferrari, score for Manchester United, go bungee jumping, get a degree, sky dive, start up your own business, be a millionaire, become a scholar or hafiz, write a book, kick George Bush in the Crown Jewels, learn how to drive or swim or learn Japanese. Just do it. Don’t put off your dreams. Make them real.

3. Make your parents happy

Our parents are everything to us. They deserve our respect, love and obedience. Make sure you spend quality time with them. Make them proud and don't break their hearts. Remember, that in Islam if your parents are happy with you, then God will be happy with you. But if your parents are unhappy with you, then God will also be unhappy with you. So before they go- make them proud. After they have gone, remember them, pray for them and fulfil any of their wishes and responsibilities.

4. See The World

And no, that don’t just mean spend a few weeks in your motherland. See the wonders of Allah’s creation. Check out the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal, Disney Land etc. Visit Jerusalem, Egypt, Makkah and walk in the cities that are steeped with Islamic history. See the world, from East to West, and appreciate it and let it make you a better and wiser person....and oh yeah HAVE FUN!!!

5. Study Islam and Practise It

You cant leave this world before knowing your purpose of life and how to achieve it. So study Islam. Open the Quran and read it with meaning. Read about the life of the Prophet (pbuh). Make sure you know what Islam is all about and practise it in your daily life. Only this will benefit you here in this world and in the hereafter.

6. Give Back

Do something SPECIAL and AMAZING. Such as sponsor an orphan, plant a tree, start a charity fund, feed the poor, give blood, teach a child how to read or solve someone’s problem. That way you’ll be remembered positively when you leave this world. Your legacy will live on and most importantly the reward of your selfless good deeds will continue to benefit you till the Day of Judgement.

7. Get Married, Have kids

It’s sunnah. So the sunnah the better. Share your dreams and desires with someone who will help make them come true. Start a family and raise children that are proud of you and look up to you. Be an inspiration to your partner and your kids. The aim is to bring your kids up as good people who understand and practise their faith, who will carry on your legacy and benefit you even when you’ve passed away.

8. Ask for forgiveness

Think about all the bad things you’ve done in life and humble yourself in front of your Creator. So before you go don't you think you need to ask for forgiveness? Ask for forgiveness every night. Is there someone that you haven’t spoken to in yonks? Were you ever responsible for causing problems between people? Ask for forgiveness today. Remember, Allah won’t forgive your sins, unless you’re forgiven by those you wronged. Also, forgive those who have hurt or wronged you in any way. Life’s too short to bear grudges. Let go of all the stuff that happened years ago, bearing in mind that if you want Allah to forgive you, then you must forgive others.

9. Pay Your Debts Off

If you're in debt, no matter how big or small, plan NOW as to how you're gonna pay it off. Don't delay! Debt is a pain, and a burden and it takes sheer effort to pay it off. Remember, even if you do Hajj, but owe others money then your Hajj may not be accepted.

10. Be a role Model

Yep, be a model, no not a super model like Kate Moss but a role model to your family, friends, colleagues, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Be someone that everyone looks up to and respects. Be someone that people can turn to in times of need. Be someone who people will remember for the right reasons long after you have gone.

So that's The Revival's top ten things to do before you die. You see life is short so make the most of it. Don’t waste it. Do stuff that is meaningful and do things which you won't regret. Most importantly, do things which will make you successful HERE and in the HEREAFTER.

So now it's your turn to list the things you wanna do before you die... and then start from today on working towards achieving them.


It’s sunnah. So the sunnah the better.


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#Before you look at the thorns of the rose , look at it's beauty. Before you complain about the heat of the sun , enjoy it's light. Before you complain about the blackness of the night, think of it's peace and quiet... #

I love this article!! Its fantastic and really inspirational. I needed this article to give me the 'boost' in life...!! i really needed this...!!

Jazakallah and keep it up!!


hmmm got alot left to do lol,..thnx nice article Smile makes u think alot.