Bollywood Or Bust

Alveena Salim

Meera had an incurable brain tumour. The villains found where she lived and shot her in the head. Luckily for her the bullet passed through her ears taking away the tumour along with it, thus curing her in the process…

Raja lost his true love after she choked to death on a chicken leg, he thought he could never love again until he was confronted with a girl who was the EXACT same replica of his dead lover, but how come she didn’t want to know him? Luckily for him a song and dance in the rain in the London Eye easily won her over…

Four men claimed to be Jeena’s estranged brother whom she was separated from at birth but how did she know which one to believe? Dev solved that dilemma when he dived in front of Jeena and heroically took 21 bullets in the chest for her, miraculously surviving the ordeal…

Ah Bollywood. Who can forget the songs and dances, star-crossed lovers, angry parents, love triangles, corrupt politicians, romantic heroes, conniving villains, courtesans with hearts of gold, long-lost relatives and unrealistic stunts all jam packed in a 4hour long extravaganza?

Indian films (AKA “Bollywood”) are very popular. The Indian film industry churns out more films in one year than any other industry in the whole world. Many Muslims all over the world enjoy spending their evenings watching a new Bollywood movie with their family.

Whilst many families would have a serious issue allowing their children to watch any English films rated 15 or above, they have no problem whatsoever allowing their children to watch indecent Bollywood movies, why? Coz Bollywood films are of an Asian origin, so unlike English movies, “...they aint dirty with kissing and stuff innit”.

So What’s Wrong with Watching Bollywood Movies?

1. Sells unrealistic dreams and fantasies

Many people watch Bollywood movies to escape the harsh reality of everyday life. How many times have women watched Bollywood films only to wish that their partner was as romantic and sensitive as the hero in the film? How many times have men watched Bollywood films only to wish that their wife was as fit as Aishwarya Rai?

How many times have teenagers run away from home with their lover, because their parents were against their relationship – just like in the movies? Last year’s hit film starring Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherji, Abhishek Bachan and Preity Zinta was about falling out of love with partners who were perfect in every way and finding ‘true love’ in the arms of another person’s partner - in other words, justifying extramarital affair and adultery.

Real life is NOTHING like Bollywood. Men and women are NOT perfect, problems do not get solved by running away from home or having affairs, parents are not the ‘enemy’ standing in the way of ‘true love’ and men do not win the hearts of their crush by breaking into a song and dance in the park.

The directors of Bollywood movies have no sense of realism whatsoever. The unrealistic storylines of Bollywood movies make people dissatisfied with their lives and ungratefulness with one’s state is a sin in Islam.

2. One loses their sense of shame

Just over 10 years ago, Bollywood films were famous for their depiction and promotion of decent traditional Indian culture and values. Nowadays, Bollywood films have become a LOT more sexually explicit in content. Only a few years ago kissing in Bollywood movies was taboo. Bollywood leading lady Priyanka Chopra was quoted as saying “In Indian films, kissing is becoming more acceptable and I wouldn’t give it a second thought.”

Today, some of the ‘hit’ movies are centred around storylines of extramarital/premarital affairs and homosexuality. Heroines clothes have became a lot skimpier and suggestive comments of a highly sexual nature run throughout most films.

When people watch such films in the presence of their entire family without any feelings of embarrassment then this shows how shameful and indecent they have become. Some hold the opinion that ‘looking is minor – it aint no biggie’. The Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (Peace and Blessings be upon him) said,

“The adultery of the eyes is looking (at [that] which is not allowed)…” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Ask yourself, could you watch films such as Jism, which was primarily centred around the theme of sexuality, in front of your parents? If you’re scrambling for the remote and changing the channel as soon as your parents walk in the room, then this proves that you shouldn’t be watching such films in the first place, and even if parents are not in the room with us, we need to remember that Allah (swt) is watching as at ALL times. The Qur’an says:

“It is Allah Who gives life and death and Allah sees EVERYTHING that you do.” (3:156)

He knows how you’re feeling and can see what you’re doing so be conscious of Him at all times. There’s no way you can hide your dodgy films from Him. Also, Bollywood films are watched in the presence of young kids, so parents need to wake up and realise that kids are like sponges who absorb absolutely everything that they are exposed to.

Watching Bollywood films has a negative affect on childrens’ character, behaviour and the way they think. We should also bear in mind that modesty is a branch of faith, if you’ve lost your sense of shame, then you’ve lost everything.

3. Why you making a song and dance about it?

Bollywood films are FULL of singing and dancing against a number of backdrops showing various sceneries from all over the world. Every film will contain at least 3-7 songs. Not only is this off putting but totally unrealistic (since when do people in real life break into a song and dance and become surrounded by a number of backup dancers identically dressed, at the drop of a hat ??!!).

Nowadays actresses are expected to dance in wet saris, pole dance and dance for men in brothels. Actresses are viewed as sexsymbols, dancing to excite and tantalise the heroes in the film. Not only is this incredibly degrading to the actresses but Islamically forbidden for us to watch.

4. Issues with Culture

Most Bollywood films highlight practices of the Hindu religion and culture, such as the strong belief in the caste system, ignoring religious boundaries i.e. Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims are shown to overcome differences by love alone, the celebration of weddings i.e. throwing rice at weddings, oiling the door hinges before the bride arrives home, encircling the bride and groom with candles and jacking the poor grooms shoes !!!

Long term exposure to Hindu culture, which contradicts the teachings of Islam, results in some Muslims copying their actions, especially if they are not educated in their own religion.

5. Role Models?

Many Bollywood fans are also regular subscribers to Bollywood magazines such as CineBlitz and StarDust. As a result they know the comings and goings of the main Bollywood stars and look up to them. This is a ridiculous waste of time and is also very dangerous.

The likes of Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukerji should NOT be our idols. Fardeen Khan was arrested for possession of cocaine.

In October 2002 Salman Khan was arrested for killing one person and badly injuring three. He has also been accused of physically abusing his ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai.

Womanizer Akshay Kumar is famous for being a heart breaker and despite being happily married, he still faces speculation from the press about his love life. Other Bollywood stars are also regularly in the papers for bribery, extra-marital affairs and self-harm.

So are these so called “stars” who we really want to be like? The Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (Peace and Blessings be upon him) said that in the hereafter “One will be with the one they love”, in other words, if you harbour extreme love and admiration for the Bollywood stars, their destiny in the hereafter will also be yours…

To sum up, ANY film full of anti-Islamic storylines and dodgy scenes that you can’t watch in front of your parents or elders is not allowed.

If you’re ever concerned about the content of the films you watch, just always ask yourself if you could watch this film in the presence of your parents – if not, then you KNOW that you shouldn’t be watching it! The Bollywood AND Hollywood industries promote values that are completely alien to Islam. They promote a lifestyle, which is based on illusion.

Subconsciously people DO become affected with what they watch. We need to remember that the way of life shown in such films can only lead to misery in this life and the hereafter.


I totally agree
Older movies were not as bad though
even tho they were a little far fetched!
But nowadays theyre just so disgusting and you cant watch them in front of your family, and women have to compete with these bimbos on screen because they look perfect all the time