Saint Valentine and today's Muslims


Valentine's day. A day on which a couple show their outward affection for each other through gifts and other acts of devtion. It may involve flowers and even chocolate. Isn't this the height of western decadence mixed with fairytale Hollywood romance?

Surely this is something that all Muslims should stay away from Or should they?

If you look at the underlying message of Saint Valentine, who was Christian, the message is not one of romance, decadence or fairytales. It is a simple tale of marriage.

Saint Valentine conducted marriage ceremonies for individuals who wanted to get married but for whatever reason wanted to get married, religion allowed but but for whatever reason they couldn't (including reasons of societal taboo).

It's Easy to have an Affair

Alveena Salim

Networking is a lot of fun. You can catch up with long lost friends, make new friends and even find business contacts. Blackberries, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Bebo, Friends Reunited, Hi5, emails and social networks all make it so much easier to re-connect with people.

It’s also an easy way to start an online affair.

Social networks are a great avenue for meeting ex-boyfriends/girlfriends. You can meet people that you fancied at school or college but never had the courage to admit your feelings. Or people, that you may not have known that well at University, but according to their profiles, you can see that now they are extremely successful and attractive.

Muslim father in law has sex with his daughter in law

An evil father-in-law who imprisoned his son’s Pakistani bride as a sex slave has been jailed – after his victim learned enough English to call police and beg for help.

The depraved 56-year-old stripped the bride of her jewellery and passport after she came to Britain following an arranged marriage, a court heard.

He made her swear on the Quran that she would keep the abuse a secret and promised to heap shame on her by forcing her to divorce his son if she refused his demands for sex.

The Forbidden Gaze (part 1)

Salaam Alaikum my dear sisters and brothers in ISLAM,

Unless we're from an isolated island where there's been no civilization and people are simple-minded....we've all fallen prey to this disastrous deed. At some point we've all given that "second glance" - that EVIL second glance. Be it someone on the television or someone in the papers or someone walking down the road - we all have at some point (intentionally or not) taken a second look at someone. And by that I don't mean looking at someone because you like their shoes or the colour of their hair.....i mean the forbidden look - the look of lust. So i guess it's obvious by now it means gazing at the opposite gender.

Single, Muslim and Pregnant

Alveena Salim

As an East London girl, it wasn’t unusual to see crowds of Muslim guys standing outside libraries waiting to try it on with any girl that passed through the door. Nor was it unusual to see groups of Muslim guys standing on top of street corners making comments at girls that walked past.

It definitely wasn’t unusual to see a guy drive round the same block at least four times just to take another look at a girl. Guys chased the girls. The girls played hard to get. But a couple of years down the line, I don’t see that any more. Why? Coz guys don’t need to chase girls any more.

Issue 11: Ali and Jamal

By Sajid Iqbal & Dawud Qadri

Jamal spots Ali at an Islamic conference. Ali tells Jamal that he has given up his bad habits and is trying to be good Muslim. But Ali still has one issue he needs Jamal's help with. As the conversation turns to girls, Jamal tells Ali about the evils of zina and importance of marriage...

Jamal: Asalaamu Alaikum brother...Ali? Is that you? What you doing here, did you get lost in this area and come inside to get directions?

Ali: Wasalaam Jam. I'm flexin' man. How are ya Boss? Me mate told me to check the conference out, he said I could get a 'spiritual' high!

Jamal: Hahaha that's a good one.