Contact with Alcohol

The purpose of this blog is to discuss job roles where selling alcohol is required. As we are living in a Western society, we may assume that we are earning halaal earnings. But little do we realise that our job roles are slipping us into sin.

In the name of Allah most merciful, most kind. I will highlight the problems we are facing in today’s society. Many of us are employed into big companies such as Banks, supermarkets etc. this increases our chance of job prospects and further opportunities at even bigger companies with higher roles. However as Customer Service Advisor our main role is to provide the best service to customers.

The effects of Weed (K2) and Islam

With the rise of drug misuse, especially by our youngsters, I decided to write an article to highlight the dangers of smoking weed and by concluding with an Islamic perspective. Marijuana or K2 is a class B drug which is widely popular in the UK. Marijuana (weed, hash, pot, dope etc.) effects the mind.

The National Institute for Health states that, due to the misuse of drugs, there is a change in the neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters are affected by all drugs. Furthermore, the more a person smokes weed throughout their lifetime, the greater the chance of developing mental health disorders, later on in life.

Sheesha Bars - The Muslim Club OR Another Hub?


Areeba Khalid, 25, Derby

I can’t believe some of the fuss that is being made about shisha bars. I think people would have a stronger point if they said shisha is Haram because it is bad for you by backing it up with evidence. Saying it is haram because of the environment (intermixing/music) – in my opinion sounds a little bit ridiculous. It’s like saying going to school/town/any other café is Haram because of what COULD happen. We live in a country and a society where intermixing/ background music is pretty normal. We’ve all been to schools and the majority of us work in such environments.

Rulings on photos and videos explained

By my little sister:

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

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So this topic is a suggestion from my one of my very good friends and as you read along try to guess but eventually i

will tell you.

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the merciful.

The modern world is a very dangerous place for the Muslim as the rapid and expansive increase in knowledge and

Message from Allah in the Sky

I was praying and after that from inside Masgid Haram in Makkah I saw this picture in the clouds. I figured Allah was sending a message it was in the HAJJ 2010.

As I see it the picture tells that 911 was the work of the antichrist Dhajjal. The Dhajjal (antichrist) is shown in the middle of the picture. The Djhajjal has one Eye and a triangle around it, I think this is the sign of the Dhajjal.

The Lion in the picture maybe a sign of Lion of Judas Jesus returning to fix the Dhajjal.

Word G is written on top of the picture for God

Then Pres & TV is written probably meaning Press & TV are instruments of the Dhajjal as they have one eye too.

Mic Righteous


i don't personally listen to music anymore and haven't for some time. saying that every now and then i stumble across a piece of music that appeals to me because of the lyrics themselves.

i believe music is haram but i do sometimes listen to a certain song because of what the person is saying in their lyrics. do you think it makes me a hypocrite by doing this.

i always tell my friends to stop listening to music but then sometimes, once in a longtime i listen to it just once and enjoy what the person is saying.