Message from Allah in the Sky

I was praying and after that from inside Masgid Haram in Makkah I saw this picture in the clouds. I figured Allah was sending a message it was in the HAJJ 2010.

As I see it the picture tells that 911 was the work of the antichrist Dhajjal. The Dhajjal (antichrist) is shown in the middle of the picture. The Djhajjal has one Eye and a triangle around it, I think this is the sign of the Dhajjal.

The Lion in the picture maybe a sign of Lion of Judas Jesus returning to fix the Dhajjal.

Word G is written on top of the picture for God

Then Pres & TV is written probably meaning Press & TV are instruments of the Dhajjal as they have one eye too.

I have made details of this


I can't see any of the things that you're talking about :S

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euh..i see a sitting alien..with its legs crossed..which you see to have identified as the dajjal though...

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

can we look for patterns in tea leaves instead?

(if you cant tell, I dont buy this hocus pocus, and especially so as the story given to it is plain wrong.)

Can I ask why God would draw the logo of Press TV in the clouds? What does that mean? Since it is in the same cloud set as the dajjaal, does it mean that it is doing the Dajjaal's bidding?

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I am quite an imaginative person and I must say this is just ludicrous. It is apparent that you have spent too much time watching junk and other conspiracy stuff (of course I agree on 9/11 being an inside job) instead focusing on your 'ibadah.

You just wasted some thoughts there while being in the holiest place on earth.