False UKIP headlines

The local elections are being broadcast as a real breakthrough for UKIP.

Out of approximately 3,500 contested council seats, so far they have gained around 150.

That is 4%.

They are expected to do way better in the EU elections, but their achievements in the Local elections shouldn't be over stated.

Another interesting tidbit is that UKIP have made no headway in London. I suspect that this is because London is actually multicultural and the people dont mind, whereas places with less immigrants have more fears about mlticulturalism and immigration.

Saying that though, their rise is another sign of the tides of racist britain.

Racist France wanted to limit number of coloured players in national team?

First they banned the veil.

Then they evicted Roma people from France going counter to the EU enlargement agreement and process.

Next they almost tore up the over border controls when Migrants from Tunisia went into Italy and wanted to move up into France. They still want to tear it up actually.

Oldham East and saddleworth, Take 2.

I mentioned before how I was not too fussed about who won in Oldham East.

But now I think there are two potential candidates to vote for:

1. Kashif Ali as the token Muslim Tory who almost turned it into a three horse race last time around.
2. Elwyn Watkins, the Lib Dem guy who should have won last time around.

and those are in no particular order. Why the sudden change?

Amir Khan: If I were white, I'd be a superstar

Those are the words of Amir Khan, who has been booed in every fight since his loss to Breidis Prescott over a year ago.

News paper quoted him as saying "I can only say that sometimes ,skin colour does make a difference," Khan said. "I know for a fact if I were a white English fighter maybe I would have been a superstar in Britain, and the world."

Which is a damning verdict of race relations in the UK. However with Amir Khan and said "I don't agree with it. I don't know why he made those comments."

BNP paves way to admit non-whites

British National Party leaders have voted "overwhelmingly" to ballot members on changing its constitution to allow non-white members to join.

Leader Nick Griffin said he welcomed the change, which the party had been "moving towards" for years.

If the new membership rules are approved, the BNP would be brought in line with the recent Equality Bill.

The party's "closed for business" talks in Hindley Green, Wigan, came on the first day of its annual conference.

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All hail our red white and blue overloads.