Oldham East and saddleworth, Take 2.

I mentioned before how I was not too fussed about who won in Oldham East.

But now I think there are two potential candidates to vote for:

1. Kashif Ali as the token Muslim Tory who almost turned it into a three horse race last time around.
2. Elwyn Watkins, the Lib Dem guy who should have won last time around.

and those are in no particular order. Why the sudden change?

Well, while I like all people would love to see the Lib Dems get a good drubbing for their hypocrisy and inability to stand for what they campaigned on, the Labour candidate is worse - that she has .

So for people who have not voted yet or followed my previous suggestion to not bother, go out and do something tomorrow. Vote either for the no hoper Kashif Ali, or the should-have-been-winner Lib Dem guy.

Apart from general stupid policies that hurt the whole UK population, the Con Dem coalition has not been too bad so far as it has not decided to use Muslims a scapegoats for things and has even improved some things for us.

That doesn't mean the bitter taste of their alliance is lost in the mouth.


I have noticed how interested u are in Politics Smile
I do not know any political words, in fact I didnt have a clue what Lib Dem, Labour, and Conservative were until I watched the debate for the new prime mininster.
All I know is I want somebody to lower the fees for uni. I want to get my degree and at this rate, student loan or not is not convicing me to go, coz I wont be able to afford it.
That is my politics done. Biggrin
Kashif Ali is not a bad guy, however I do know that he is a little too impatient of a guy. Dont ask me why I know this, I just have a very close person who has regular contact with Mr Ali and she happens to think that he is a very annoying person. Mind u I cant say anythin, cuz i dont know. Also i put my hands down, Im not backbiting, I'm just telling you my sort of view on what I think about politics, since u like the subject.
So i thought about telling u about Mr. Ali, in fact I do think or someone very close to me thinks that he is a very nice guy, however I tad impatiwnt. Blum 3
and yours politically
Sparkles Biggrin