[TV] My Brother the Islamist

Tree surgeon-turned-filmmaker Robb Leech is an ordinary white middle-class boy from the Dorset seaside town of Weymouth. So too is his stepbrother Rich, but a little over a year ago Rich became a radical Islamist who now goes by the name of Salahuddin. He associates with jihadist fundamentalists and believes the UK should be ruled by Sharia law.

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Geert Wilders: Europe's most dangerous man????

He was once refused entry to Britain. He has called for the Qur'an to be banned and has proposed a tax on wearing headscarves. And he is also the first politician ever to stand trial on charges of 'incitement to hatred'. Geert Wilders, instantly recognisable for his quiff of platinum blond hair, is one of Holland's most controversial and well-known politicians and, some argue, Europe's most dangerous man.

Bafta-winning filmmakers Mags Gavan and Joost van der Valk follow Wilders on his campaign trail during the recent Dutch elections, meet members of the international anti-Islamic network who support him, and find out about a conspiracy theory promoting the belief that Europe is being taken over by Islam.

The Big Debate: Are They Gonna Kick Us Out?

Naheem Zaffar & Irfan Jalil

Anti-Muslim prejudice is rising across Europe. There are calls for bans on Muslim immigration, bans on the construction of mosques and a ban on women wearing the veil. France has already barred Muslim girls from wearing the hijab in school and Switzerland has banned the construction of minarets.

In Britain, the British National Party is gaining greater prominence. It calls Islam a “wicked and vicious faith” and its leader, Nick Griffin, is set to become an MP in the next general election.

What does all this mean for the millions of Muslims in Britain and Europe. Should we be scared for our future in Britain and Europe? Naheem Zaffar says YES. He argues that Europe is on the brink of repeating the mistakes of history by allowing far-right parties to gain power. Irfan Jalil says NO. He argues that the far-right can only gain power if we fail to engage politically.

MQI UK's Response to the March in Wootton Bassett!

MQI UK's Response to the March in Wootton Bassett
Dated: 05 January 2010
LONDON. Minhaj-ul-Quran International UK (MQI UK) has expressed deep concern over the announcement by an extremist group to hold a march at Wooton Basset. MQI UK's spokesperson Shahid Mursaleen said that this group is known to consist of members who are known extremists and trouble makers including their leader Anjem Choudary.

"We strongly condemns the announcement by an extremist group to go ahead with the planned march at Wootton Bassett. Minhaj-ul-Quran pays tribute to the dead British soldiers, " he said.

George Carey isn't helping

wants to limit immigration in order to protect this country’s Christian heritage and restrain the far right. Yet it is his jaundiced view of the state of this country that gives comfort and succour to the bigots and racists.

Rather than looking honestly at issues of integration, extremism and community cohesion, he repeats misconceptions about immigrants and yearns for an unattainable, simpler, imagined past. It is his prescription of curbs on immigration, curbs on the rights of immigrants, curbs on the expression of immigrant culture, and, crucially, limits on population size that will help not hinder the nightmare future of a Britain ruled by dogmatic extremists.

why cant you intergrate into society like others?

From my friendly discourse with Casuals United:

why cant you intergrate into society like other races? why moan and set up ghettos and no go zones for whites etc?

Have you personally been exposed to any of these "no go zones" for whites? Are you sure they are not simply a figment of the media's imagination (actually no, I do suspect there to be morons around where there are such cases and yes, if they do exist, they are wrong)

I have a friend hounded out of a property he bought and paid for because it was in a predominantly white area. He repeatedly was threatened, had his windows smashed, people threaten and break in.

There should be no "no go zones" anywhere IMO as they are all bad and counter productive.

Fighting Fire with Fire

This summer. Coming to a town near you. Football hooliganism's answer to Muslim extremists.

Armed with Youtube videos and Facebook pages a group calling itself Casuals United is organising protests in areas with large Muslim populations.

The main targets of their vengeance are Anjem Choudary and his followers.

Anjem Choudary used to be the right-hand man of Omar Bakri – an extremist preacher who has been deported by the government. Bakri's organisation – Al Muhajiroon – was banned but it continues to operate with the same leaders and followers under the name Islam 4 UK.

Extremism: Mother of All Beasts

By Irfan Khan

Reading, listening or watching the latest news headlines it seems to me that there is always yet another brand that I as a Muslim can fall into. Apart from fundamentalism, terrorism, Islamism (which genius came up with that one?!) etc.

I can also fall in to the wider category of 'Moderate' or 'Extremist'. The media has attached so many labels to Muslims that I myself am beginning to wonder what type of Muslim I am.

Am I not just a Muslim? Are not all Muslims the same and don't we believe in the same message and read the same Quran?

Extremism: Causes and Cures

Sajid Iqbal

SO, what drives people to carry out acts of terrorism? Why do some people hate America and the West so much that they are prepared to take their own lives as well as others?

You see America, the UN in particular and the world community at large has double standards about Muslim countries such as Kashmir. Bosnia, Chechnya and Palestine.

This causes concern among the Muslims or should I say it pee's them off big time. The issues where the Western interest is involved get an immediate response in terms of concrete action. Whereas issues like Kashmir and Palestine remain unresolved even after the passage of a long time, the UN resolutions not withstanding. Check this out: