why cant you intergrate into society like others?

From my friendly discourse with Casuals United:

why cant you intergrate into society like other races? why moan and set up ghettos and no go zones for whites etc?

Have you personally been exposed to any of these "no go zones" for whites? Are you sure they are not simply a figment of the media's imagination (actually no, I do suspect there to be morons around where there are such cases and yes, if they do exist, they are wrong)

I have a friend hounded out of a property he bought and paid for because it was in a predominantly white area. He repeatedly was threatened, had his windows smashed, people threaten and break in.

There should be no "no go zones" anywhere IMO as they are all bad and counter productive.

Also, living in a community allows for shops selling goods for that community to thrive. Halaal meat will not sell in a place with few Muslims because it costs more. Sometimes bunching up is required to get such products.

"Have you personally been exposed to any of these "no go zones" for whites?"
I think you've had more than your fair share of this wall and I completely disagree with everything you have stated.
I think it is time you left...

Why so intolerant? Are you in favour of this place being a no go zone for people you dislike/disagree with?

Where is the peace and love? (besides I gave facts and figures over terrorism...can't argue with the numbers...)

I will leave this wall now as I feel I am posting too much. I would like other people's views on the 6 original questions I posted though.

A further question as I leave - "How would you define a good Muslim?"

I am intolerant of muslim extremists, and you appear to be an advocate for them, why else would you peddle your muslim views about main stream muslims.
I have yet to see and hear FACT that any mosque is dealing with this situation.