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Leaked Trojan Horse report: "anti-US and anti-Israel" rhetoric is sign of "extremism"

A new report by Ex-cop Peter Clarke was "leaked" into the media yesterday. The headlines stated that there was ''.

What the headlines don't say is that Peter Clarke says that "anti-US and anti-Israel" rhetoric is a sign of "extremism".

So next time a teacher wants to talk about justice and oppression, if you point out justice and oppression by Israel or the US, its a sign of extremism.

Questions for Casuals United

This is moved from comments in with some amendments and additions etc and has been posted to a couple of Casuals United Facebook Groups.

Questions from a few people over at :

1. Why are Muslims bad people?

2. What aspects of the British way of life are threatened by Muslims?

3. Do you think that Anjem Choudry is representative of British Muslims?

4. Do British Muslims need liberating from themselves? Should women be forced to abandon wearing what they want to if it is a headscarf?

5. Why do you feel threatened by a building which is not insulting you, nor demanding you to even acknowledge it.

Breeding like rabbits to take over the world?

why does it seem islam is on a course to take over the whole world through birth rates?

Once again, this should not threaten you or anyone - its not like you are prevented from having kids.

As for birth rates, they are more linked to how affluent a community is - poor, less affluent communities have higher birthrates than the richer ones.

If you look at muslim immigrant community birth rates in europe, you will notice a trend of normalisation over time where they become closer and closer to the "native" birthrates, so this is not a threat and the best way to counter such things is to help poorer people become more affluent.

Are all terrorists Muslims?

Further discourse with members of Casuals United:

"Its a fact that whilst not all muslims are terrorists, All terrorists these days are muslims so why does the so called peace loving religion stamp it out?"

erm.. you need to get yourself some figures. Muslim terorism accounts for probably less than one % of all terrorism related activity in Europe - ""

why cant you intergrate into society like others?

From my friendly discourse with Casuals United:

why cant you intergrate into society like other races? why moan and set up ghettos and no go zones for whites etc?

Have you personally been exposed to any of these "no go zones" for whites? Are you sure they are not simply a figment of the media's imagination (actually no, I do suspect there to be morons around where there are such cases and yes, if they do exist, they are wrong)

I have a friend hounded out of a property he bought and paid for because it was in a predominantly white area. He repeatedly was threatened, had his windows smashed, people threaten and break in.

There should be no "no go zones" anywhere IMO as they are all bad and counter productive.