Will the government's web 'snoop' plans work?

The government will soon outline its plans to give security officials the power to monitor emails and internet use.

The proposals, which are predicted to feature in the upcoming Queen's speech, have been described by supporters as a much-needed "modernisation" of current measures which allow the monitoring of telephone calls.

Critics, however, call the plans an unnecessary extension of the law, and an infringment of civil liberties.

Website aims to connect those working with Muslim youth

A website that aims to bring together those working with Muslim youth was launched on Saturday 23rd October, at the GPU conference, ExCel, London.

With the ambitious motto of 'the one-stop shop for those working with Muslim youth', the Connect Online website is an expansion of the highly successful quarterly newsletter Connect, which has developed into a resource providing news, a blog, articles, projects, videos, research and policy information, and many other resources for those working with Muslim youth.