When the BBC tries to demonise Muslims (Ex-Muslim topic)

BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow

BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow
BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow

What do you do as a news organisation when you think you have a meaty story that could go viral and be popular?

The BBC is like a dog with a bone about the topic of people who are leaving Islam. However, since no one has been that interested in the topic, it hasnt really surfaced much.

Ridda Wars, The Sahaba's forced Islam on people

The Ridda wars also known as the Wars of Apostasy, were a series of military campaigns launched by the Caliph Abu Bakr against rebel Arabian tribes during 632 and 633 AD, just after Mohammed died.

The concentrations of rebels nearest Medina were located in two areas: Abraq, 72 miles north-east of Medina, and Dhu Qissa, 24 miles east of Medina.

These concentrations consisted of the tribes of Banu Ghatafan, the Hawazin, and the Tayy. Abu Bakr sent envoys to all the apostate tribes, calling upon them to remain loyal to Islam and continue to pay their Zakat.

The caliph formed 11 main corps, each under its own commander.

A standard was given to each corps.

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