Isn't wearing makeup haram?

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We have an issue with this because many times have i seen women who are married out in the public who are no where near their husbands and yet have lots of makeup on. I admit that its even an issue in my family which i have addressed.  Unfortunately women these days just can't step foot outside the house without makeup on. Even if they are late for work lol. 

Its something brushed aside because its fitting in with the “norm”. I dont see my wife any differently without makeup. I love her. Not the art painting on her face. 



How can you say it silly to wear hijab while having make up on.(we dont know its haraam or not ) and by the way we all do sins so if we do a good deed  such as wearing hijab while doing another sin does not means its silly.                                                                                      Its shows atleast they are trying to follow islam, which is amazing.

Assalamu walikum, 

As a muslim young girl who loves makeup, I understand your saying completely. Ladies should only show their beauty to their husbands and not to strangers in the public. But doesn’t the same apply for men, shouldn’t they only show their beauty to their wife and not to other women in the society, who could easily get attracted to them? I have also read somewhere on the internet that if your intentions are halal, then wearing makeup isn’t haram. And as for myself, I only wear makeup because I like wearing it and it links to my talent in art. I do not{astagfirullah}wear it to impress or look good in front of any men. I can prove this because I am not scared to walk out with a bare face. If I was to wear makeup to impress, then I would never appear outside without it. So I want to know if looking nice and “made up” is only haram for women or do men have to stay under the same circumstances? That would be very unfair if it didn’t and I am pretty sure they have to follow the same rule because Allah doesn’t do unfairness! 

Jazak allah khair. 

What is wrong with you, calling this sister a slut!?! Your behavior disgusts me!

As-salaamu alaikum

Too funny! You worry about the woman wearing make-up which is open to interpretation and none of you do the simple things in Islam like starting you conversation or comments of with “As-salaamu alaikum”. 

This is such a ridiculous conversation. Do not allow your culture to drive your thinking, which is really difficult to do. It is CLEAR that the woman should cover their hair and bosom. Nowhere, outside of strick arab and pakastan culture is the woman required to wear a burka or fully cover or cloak them selves. 

The idea that a sister should cover entirely because a brother cannot control himself is a dangerous statement and only degrades the woman. This statement is borderline sick! What if hennah beautifies the woman. should she not wear it? Today, wearing a hajib beautifies the woman, should she not wear it? 

We make islam a prison for woman with our misunderstanding of such a simple and beautiful way of life. God did not intend to suffer the woman due to man’s utter weakness.

was-salaamu alaikum

if you had lowered your gaze you wouldn’t be thinking about her right now. Islam requires you to take responsibility for your actions brother. It should not be your concern whether she had makeup on or not because you are only accountable for yourself, your concern should be on strengthening your own character so that you don’t look at women inappropriately. From my experience blaming the people around you for your shortcomings is a form of denial that will prevent you from addressing them. 

Can someone just give us a true and honest answer is makeup harram to wear or not like can I wear mascara or not? Can I wear makeup with the intention not to attract a man?

Did you just say "she was wearing makeup like a slut"? Do you even know what a slut is? The prophet pbuh said to one of his companions, who was complaining about a woman's clothing, to lower his gaze. YOU need to lower your gaze instead of blaming other people. It isn't hard. I do it everyday. This sounds like a serious issue that you need to get checked out. Maybe go see a sheikh to fix you up.