Women - know your place!

It may be hard to guess from the title, but something remarkable happened this week. No, it wasn't another episode of .

Something that corrected 90 years of wrong.

90 years ago, the Turkish republic was declared. In 2013, the first deputies wearing headscarves were allowed in - and this time without much of a fuss either!

The last time this was attempted was in 1999, when the elected MP Merve Kavakçı tried to enter parliament and swear theparliamentary oath, she was hounded out by her fellow MP's.  :

Bülent Ecevit, the prime minister at the time, addressed the packed assembly, saying: "This is not the place to challenge the state. Inform this woman of her limits!” while half the chamber stood shouting "Get out! Get out!" to the seated Kavakçı.

The normalisation and allowing to wear headscarves has been long coming and even though the present government has been in power for 10 years, it has taken this long to get to a position when women wearing headscarves could be allowed in parliament.

More recently in 2007, when the ruling AKP tried to overturn laws preventing women from wearing the headscarf, the party was taken to court where it was almost closed down and its members banned from politics for life. It survived by one vote.

Since then much has changed, generals and parties who were trying to prevent change even prepare for a coup have been removed and even convicted of their crimes and finally a new law passed recently that allowed most women (except those in the armed forces, police and judiicary) to wear a headscarf, there was less commotion and now even MP's have been allowed to enter parliament wearing a headscarf and a wrong has mostly been righted.


About time too.