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wrote a long time ago in response to my blog post:

But to say "lets not do anything, lets not even participate" is to say im afraid to loose something at risk of gaining nothing.

Is that true?

For many years I have disliked competing against people. My self justification was that it was unfair on others (elitist and condescending all in one!). Even is sport where I did not excel, I preferred to have the handicap of being in a weaker team and even then I would not use some tactics as "they would ruin the game for others".

and then there is life where the occasional choice of actions can cause metaphorical paralysis.

Allah (swt) is the best of Planners...

But does that mean we should not make plans? Or should we make them knowing they will not always go our way?

Or is that just trying to force the issue?

And how do you know whether your plans are really for the best?

Or is it like the fable (hadith?) that trusting in Allah (swt) is not like leaving your camel untied, but by tieing it and then trusting in Allah (swt)?

Islam and Freedom

Salaams all

This is from a discussion on Tribune...

The question is... Since Islam did NOT prohibit slavery... does Islam not consider freedom a basic human right?

Islam did give all humans rights, and it does highly encourage freeing slaves. However, it does/did not prohibit slavery.

So... does that mean that freedom is not a basic right?

Taking this further, what about supporting fight for freedom in places such as Kashmir, Chechnya/Ossettia and Palestine? If Islam does not say that all humans are free, where do those struggles stand?

Is freedom really that big of a thing?