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I'm Sorry, So Sorry

I have now read a few times now from people the sentiment that we should not say sorry in vain. Only say it when it means something. Otherwise it cheapens the words.

I am sorry, but saying sorry IS cheap.

If Tony Blair had given a proper apology over the Iraq fiasco, would that make things ok?

If I maim someone or ruin their life by my actions, would saying sorry cut it?

I don't think so.

(title is words from a song called "They" by Jem. Avoid the UK/"space version".)

Little Big Storm in a Teacup

Read all about it! Read all about it!

Qu'ran references force worldwide LittleBigPlanet recall

Sony has confirmed that it is delaying the release of LittleBigPlanet and recalling the game from retailers worldwide because it has identified "two expressions that can be found in the Qu'ran" in one of the background songs.

The publisher has told Eurogamer that this means every copy of the game currently with retail in the world will be recalled and replaced, and retailers have started notifying customers of the hold-up.

Met Police Officer Tarique Ghaffur 'relieved of duties' after race claim

Met Police Officer Tarique Ghaffur 'relieved of duties' after race claim

The Metropolitan police chief, Sir Ian Blair, today made a dramatic intervention in the race row engulfing his force when he announced that the senior officer who accused him of being a racist was being temporarily relieved of his duties.

Blair said this afternoon that Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur had been put on authorised leave of his responsibilities with immediate effect.

He blamed Ghaffur's behaviour since his announcement last month that he was taking Scotland Yard to an employment tribunal for racially discriminating against him.

"The Families Grieving in Kashmir"

The Muslim-dominated Kashmir valley has been beset with violence as Indian security forces confront huge rallies by Kashmiris calling for independence from India. The BBC's Soutik Biswas speaks to families and friends of some of the victims.

In a picture taken on a mobile phone 10 days before his death, 25-year-old Imran Ahmed Wani fixes a shy gaze at the camera with a disarming smile.

As his friends tell it, Imran was an average young Kashmiri man, working hard, playing cricket, and watching Bollywood films.

He also exemplified those in the region's new generation, trying to make the best of opportunities thrown up by a modest economic boom during the years of relative calm since Indian and Pakistan signed a ceasefire in Kashmir.

Us muslims, we focus too much on Palestine

There, I said it.

There is plenty of other shit going on around the world too.

yes, I get that when a captured, blindfolded Palestinian is shot by a rubber bullet at point blank range, it is a travesty. But where is the love for the Kurds? how about the Muslims of southern Sudan? Somalia has been is civil war for over 15 years.

And why does have to be only about Muslims? Zimbabawe has an inflation rate of over 2.2 million - the recently released 100 billion dollar note will not even buy a loaf of bread. People are dying there and everywhere else.

Yet, the muslim community as a whole seems to focus on "the evil that is Israel". Why is that?

The wordle of the day is...

y'all know how I like tag clouds and all that? Well what if there was a service to create a cloud fto describe a website? Well .

The large words (ignoring the word "will", "read" and "upon"), the stand out words seem to be "Prophet", "Muhammad", "Peace", "Heaven" and "Islamic". I would say it kind of successfully describes that site. Which it would as it uses the feeds the make the cloud. (It can make clouds for any site with a feed, or any lump of text input into the page.)

Tribalism, shoes and the modern day

You must have all heard about tribalism and why it is the work of satan. Then the gossip from the aunties would have firmed up your opinion on the whole subject. Why would any sane person hold to such notions? They wouldn't. They are listening to satan. FACT.

Not only that, most of these tribes have stupid names. Translated to English, some of the Indian subcontinent tribes mean things like Shoemaker, Builder, Farmer, blacksmith, warrior, governor, toilet cleaner... All stupid names for a tribe.

Or are they? I would like to there are reasons for these "groupings", it is simple. A shoemaker makes shoes. Just like the modern day equivalent "taxi driver" drives taxi's.

How come no one told me about

borrowed from

It was like "The Daily Show" or "The Colbert Report"... but better. Just not as well known.

A new parody that seems to have predicted the modern world. The outrageous gimmicks used are now common on some news channels.

Paxman like interviews to the extreme (with a little modern warfare coverage) with a little British eccentricity thrown too:


You've lost the news!

Coverage of 9/11:

Disclaimer: I came across The Day Today a few weeks ago.


Now y'all can get rickrolled:


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