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I mentioned to Ya'qub once that I disliked being on a tram because it was jam packed and he advised me to not go on the London Underground.

What he should have warned about was the Tokyo tram system:



I know that gloating can be a bad thing... but I just gotta say.

Al Jazeera is another place that has started using Drupal as its CMS for some of its sites - namely its open content/ allowing others to share/modify the content for use by others. its one of using drupal.

I probably should not be but gloating (for a number of reasons really), but it does vindicate some choices I made a rather long time ago. Maybe I was smart back then? who knows Biggrin


Its been a long time,but I think I am gonna watch an episode tonight.

Too many good episodes to choose from... well, not too many since it got cancelled after half a season, but well, what a half season.

Israel Using Human Shields

EDIT - these videos are old stuff and not related to the current conflict in Gaza. We have no idea what is happening now as foreign journalists are not allowed in. However, Beast does link to something further down the page about Humans shields being used in the current conflict too.


Another video on the same issue after the break.