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The last flight

When we are leaving this world for the next one, it shall be like a trip to another country...

Where details of that country won't be found in glamorous travel brochures,

but in the Holy Qura'an and the Hadiths.

Where our plane won't be Indian Air Lines, British Airways, Gulf Air or Emirates, but ‘Air Janazah’.

Where our luggage won't be the allowed 30 Kgs, but our deeds no matter how heavy they weigh..

You don't pay for excess luggage. They are carried free of charge, with your Creator's compliment.

Where our dress won't be a Pierre Cardin suit or the like but the white cotton shroud.

Where our perfume won't be Channel, Paco Rabane, but the camphor and attar.

Where our passports won't be Indian, British, French or American but ‘Al Islam’.

Interpreting the Qur'an

You know how theres loads of ways of interpreting anything anyone reads? well that obviously includes the Qur'an, so how do we know we're interpreting it correctly? and how do those people that write commentaries know that and everyone else?

See, the other day in R.E i was talking to some girls and one of them was like

"all religions contradict themselves, they say one thing in one place and then another in another place"

but i was like no not all of them are and its also down to how people interpret the books.

and then she was liek yeah thats true theres like a million ways of interpreting every holy book.

so that got me thinking, have we actually got a way of making sure how we understand the Qur'an is the right way? if so what is it :S

A little girl named Al`brah

A little girl named Al`brah

This story is of a little girl named Bar`ah who is 10 years old, her parents were doctors who moved to Saudi Arabia in search of better life.

At this age, Bar`ah memorized the whole Quran with tajweed, she was very intelligent, her teacher use to tell her she should be in middle school not primary school.

Her family was small and committed to Islam and its teachings.... suddenly one day the mother started feeling sever abdominal pain, after tests and checkups she found out that she has cancer, but in its late stages.