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Toasty Marshmallow Milkshake

Are you one of those people who perfectly toasts their marshmallows to a golden brown?

How on earth do you do that!? I don’t get it. You must have the patience of a marshmallow saint.

I’m a burn-and-blow kind of guy. Turn the marshmallow into a torch… blow it out… repeat.

The patience technique baffles me. In fact… I secretly looooove to brush my marshmallow torch against the slow rollers and set their marshmallows on fire. They totally hate that.

Marshmallow meets open flame… it’s important in this recipe. I had no idea that this whole Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake was a thing. Amazing. Spike Mendelsohn… that dude from Top Chef invented this thing. Nice work. High five.

The Petroleum Algorithm

This is for all you math geeks out there.

I car share with two other people and we're trying to work out how much each person should pay for petrol. We all go to work in the same car and I drive.

Heres the scenario: Theres three of us in a car (A, B & C). The total cost of petrol for 5 days is £30.

Assume A travelled for all 5 days, how much should he pay?

B travelled with them for 4 days, how much should he pay?

And C only travelled with them for 2 days, how much should he pay?

Heres what ive worked out so far.

weeks petrol = £30 (5 days)

divided by the three of us= £10 per person (5 days)

I drove B for four days, therefore £10/5 to figour out how much per day = £2

Losing Faith...

Faith can be such a fragile thing. A belief system that not only influences our daily lives but provides a sense of place among things. So when it comes under attack, we can become shaken to the core.

Such events can be anything from a bereavement or illness which can have two reactions. Either a chances to become alot closer to Allah (swt) or more commonly an instinct based reaction which causes us to push away and even trigger a reassessment of the nature of our world or atlest the world we thought we lived in. At which point even a long standing faith may no longer bring comfort.


No this isnt a rant about Charles Darwin.

A few days ago a friend told me that id "evolved" recently (makes me sound like a pokemon :/ ) in that id changed alot recently and for the better (atlest thats the impression i got).

Whats funny is that its kinda dramatic change and that i barely noticed. I wasnt even aware i could evolve... (yes i automatically assume im the currently as evolved as i could be... not to sound big headed or anything ¬_¬ ).

Although they seem to think it was for the better, i wasnt to sure. But i do know that change is sometimes necessary, especially when things arent working the way they are. But dramatic changes can be difficult.

But then, my lifes always been dramatic.

Custard Recipe.

Always brilliant with a range of desserts. Especially cake. And disastrous should you get it wrong!


  • 2/3 tsps Vanilla Essence
  • 250ml of Milk
  • 250ml of Double Cream
  • 4 Egg yolks
  • 100g of Golden Caster sugar
  • 1 tbsp of Cornflour.

Step 1: Place the milk and cream into a saucepan and heat. Add the vanilla essence and stir. Bring to a slow boil and then take off the heat.

Step 2: Whisk the egg yolks and caster sugar and the conflour (this is optional for thickness... i like thickness. That sounds wrong :/) until pale and thick.

Chocolate Marble Cake = AWESOME!

Alot of people think the best cake is the chocolate fudge cake, id disagree. Its just too chocolatey to be enjoyed properly.

The best of both worlds. The Chocolate Marble cake. Its not too chocolatey and its not a boring plain cake either. Great for guests if you're looking for a lil something new and different... instead of the boring same old sweet dishes.


-225g butter
-225g caster sugar
-225g Plain flour
-50ml of Milk
-50g of Cocoa powder.
-4 Eggs.
-2 tsp baking powder.
-2 tsp vanilla extract


Step 1: Pre-heat the oven to 180'c and butter the sides of a baking tin. You can also use greaseproof paper (available at your nearest supermarket).

God, can you hear me calling?

God can you hear me calling?
I need you here tonight.
Im all alone and shaking,
Coz nothing seems to go right,
Just a few more hours
and it will be Fajhr time soon
I think i might wait up
Oh, God what can I do
What can I do?

You say theres only one path
That your house is my home too
But my heart is always somewhere else
And thats why you've left me alone.

Just a few more hours
And it'll be Fajhr time soon
God, can you hear me callin'
Oh God what can i do
What can I do?

God, I know Ive done wrong,
And Im not your favourite tonight,
But I hope you'll forgive me some day,
Even if you take my life away...