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The blind man

He staggered, stumbled and fell, apologizing at every turn, as though he had just learnt how to walk.

Holding on dearly to his only life-line. All dependices lay on a single stick. 

Yet he continued to make his way with an apologetic smile on his face.

He had no dog for guidance, making it difficult to understand his condition.

The glares never did put him off.

Yet he continued the determination to continue forwards..

As I watched him, I came to realize how ungrateful I am. 

There was a time when I hated having to wear glasses. Giving up always seemed to be the easiest way out. There was a time when I 'wanted' to fit in, which led to caring about what other's think. I never glanced at a disabled  person twice.


Hummus was going to do a topic on this, but she didn't because I thought there was no need. But now I'm selfish for thinking so, and I'm sure many people may benefit from it. 

My point of this blog is WHY do we get attached?

I don't mean getting attached to people, but in terms of the more materialistic stuff, why is it so hard to let go?


I read this article a while back about how we are blinkered to reality and we need to detach ourselves from the world if we don't want to suffer.

You will always be tested on the thing that you are most attached to, and that attachment will become the biggest source of pain for you UNLESS you learn to control it.



A word is simply not enough,

To express the gratitude I merely hold,

It may seem absurd but this fact must be preferred,

Cause you were always there to help me up.

Truly you deserve nothing but respect,

Never did you fail to neglect nor reject,

You steered me to consider and for that,

You are present-perfect.

Of your guidance I am glad,

Your words taught me to reflect,

Your actions took effect,

Never again, will I show disrespect.

A word is simply not enough,

To express the gratitude I merely hold,

It may seem absurd, but this fact must be preferred,

For your determination, patience and inspiration,

I think of nothing but a virtuous word...

‘Hope, faith, willpower, prayer’.

(By Unknown)

Bombs exploding,

Sirens wailing,

Children screaming,

Mothers screeching,

Bodies piling,

Rockets firing,


Chaos unfolding…


Not knowing whether they’ll live to see another day…

Unable to sleep due to fear of losing their home and loved ones….


Innocent civilians living in constant fear and threat…

Wondering if peace will ever be restored…



Mentally crushed,

When Will You Be Prepared?


How do you know you’ll be alive tomorrow? How can you be so sure that you’ll take a second step? Most importantly, are you prepared for DEATH?

It’s not a theory or a threat. Rather it’s a FACT.

You will die one day.

Easy to say, complicated to prepare for.

You arrive in this world as a traveller. You breathe, eat, sleep, exercise, work…etc.  However, your destination will be your grave at the end of the day. How you get there, the actions you do and the ways you live your life-will determine your fate.

Life as we know it; is not easy. There comes a time where you will be tested. In fact, for a believer, this life is his prison, due to the fact its temporary and worthless, simply knowing the ‘bliss’ will not always last.

Making Choices

Ok there's this non-muslim who randomly got hold of my email address, and since then has not stopped talking to me about- religion.

I deleted her twice, yet she seems to be determined to pop-up and ask whether "I'm busy" so she can chat.. urgently Fool

The first topic of discussion was about 'covering up' and why muslims do it etc and then it was about 'consequences' and forms of 'punishment' if you don't adhere to a certain thing?!

One thing that is really REALLY ticking me off right now, is how would you go about explaining something to a  non-muslim?

I mean the only ever response I get is "WHY" ..