Advertorial: The Hookah/Shisha - Is it a safe option?

By Oldham Community Health Services

The Hookah also known as Shisha has been used to smoke tobacco for about 400 years. It has various other names, one being a water pipe.

It exists in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. The tobacco used can have one of many different flavours. It is burned using glowing charcoal. The smoke produced is passed though water before being inhaled using a mouthpiece attached to a flexible tube.

Many users believe that smoking tobacco in this way is less harmful than using cigarettes.

This isn’t true.

Using a Hookah/Shisha often happens in a group. Everyone shares the same mouthpiece. This can lead to the spread of diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), herpes, hepatitis and other viruses.

5 Simple Steps to Lobby the Media

By Zulfi Bukhari

Are you angry at the media coverage about Islam?

Imagine right now that you are a non-Muslim who knows nothing about Islam. Most of the information you receive about Islam is through the media and over 90% of this is negative. What would you eventually start to think about Islam and Muslims? You would start to think they are a bunch of hate-filled extremists who are a threat to Britain, your children and the world at large. This image would slowly chip away at the tolerance in your brain and you would eventually want to destroy that threat. Yes you would.

*Online Exclusive* - Credit Crunch

By Irfan Jalil

For the past year and a bit the world has been going through a financial crisis. People have been unable to pay back debts that they owed and now there is less money going around in the world economy. Businesses are going bust. Prices are getting higher and higher. Banks are running out of money and people are losing their jobs. This is leading to a global economic meltdown.

Issue 14: Ali & Jamal

Sajid Iqbal & Irfan Jalil

By Sajid Iqbal & Irfan Jalil

Jamal bumps in to Ali at the local Job Centre...

Jamal: Salaam Ali, you lookin depressed what's up bro?

Ali: What's Up?! The bills and rent that’s what’s up!

Jamal: What do you mean?

Ali: Jam I got bills to pay, rent to pay, food to buy and that's the easy bit... me aint got no Benjamins to buy any gear!

Jamal: Gear? But you don't even have a car?

Ali: Nah, nah man. I mean GEAR... you know what I mean Jam!

Jamal: Oh Gear! Astagfirullah! I thought you stopped all that and what's with your priorities, you are putting drugs before food.

Contraception: Halal or Haram?

By Shaykh Salim Ghisa

The rule for contraception is different depending on the type of contraception used.

The basic ruling for contraception identifies two types:
1) Permanent Contraception
2) Temporary Contraception

1) Permanent Contraception

Any permanent form of contraception such as permanent sterilisation, the removal of ovaries, vasectomy etc is not permissible unless there is a risk of serious illness or death if it is not performed. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. A person is taking an unnecessary risk to their health by having such an operation or procedure.
  2. A person is permanently changing the nature of the body from what Allah has created.

Exclusive Interview With ZAIN BHIKHA

By Fatima Khonat

So there we were, doing all those laborious tasks the Editor had demanded us to do when only one of the most talented Nasheed artists walked into the media room. Hearts pulsing and trying to keep the ecstatic smiles hidden of our faces we managed to grab a few words with him...without leaving him thinking of The Revival team as freaks.

The Do's and Don'ts of Meeting a Potential Partner

By Alveena Salim

You've been through uni, you've got your education out the way, you don't fancy anyone and the chances of meeting someone have become increasingly slim so you've agreed to go through the meat market and meet a number of eligible bachelors/bachelorettes personally hand-picked by your parents. And in this incredibly socially awkward get together, in presence of your nearest and dearest over a cup of PG tips, you have to decide whether or not you can spend the rest of your life with the one introduced to you by your parents. No pressure eh?

By Alveena Salim

Ramadan Checklist

If you wanna get the best out of Ramadan and achieve its purpose which is to gain Taqwa (God-Consciousness) then instead of 'killing time' here are some important things to do every day in Ramadan:

SALAH (Prayer)

Five daily prayers - Try to read them in congregation (Jamaat) if possible. If you don't normally pray then this is the best month to start.

Qadah Salah (Missed Prayers) - Try to make up for as many missed Salah as possible i.e. all those you have missed over the years!Try reading Qadah Salah after each prayer if you can.

What's He Chattin' About?

There are many words we read and hear but aren’t too sure what they mean. So The Revival attempts to define some Islamic terms used in this issue:

Ansar - means the 'Helpers.' They are the Muslims of Madina who helped the Muhajireen (immigrants) of Makka in the process of settling down in the new environment in Madina.

Fitnah - trial or tribulation; also refers to any period of disorder or the period of time before the end of the world or any civil strife.

Istighfar – to ask the forgiveness of Allah (swt), especially by saying, ‘Astaghfiru’llah’ (I seek the forgiveness of Allah (swt))