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US storm over book on Israel lobby

[quote="BBC"]The power of America's "Jewish lobby" is said to be legendary.

Commentators the world over refer to it, as though it were a well-established fact that US Jews wield far more influence than their numbers (2% of the population) would suggest.

But this presumed influence is also a delicate issue in the US, and is rarely analysed.

How does the lobby work?

Ayashaytan Khameni

"malik" wrote:
You think these Arabs leaders are proper Muslims?

Thats your views. You have those puppets.

Khameni says:

"We worship and recognise only that God Whose actions are based on concrete rationalism and Who does not rule against that rationalism. We do not worship a god who creates a building for Divine worship and justice and then strives to destroy that very building himself by giving authority to rascals like Yazid, Mu'awiyah and [b][color=red]Uthmaan[/color][/b]".

Mohammed (SAW) in ancient scriptures

I found these really interesting. When I was really young, I heard about the Gospel of Barbabas. I coudn't say if it was fabricated or not. As for the Hindhu scriptures, supposedly they are thousands of years old and are not.


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