Adam & Eve In The Quran

Imaani Aslam

Does the Quran also tell the story of Adam and Eve?

Yes it does, although a different version to the one that appears in the Bible today. The story of Adam (pbuh) and Eve is known the world over and is used by some to explain how mankind’s existence began on earth. In fact, Christianity, Islam and Judaism all teach that Adam (pbuh) and Eve were the first humans created by God and that all humans have descended from them. Adam (pbuh) is also a prophet in Islam.

So Muslims believe that every human being in the world today is related to Adam?

Black Magic & Jinn

By Shaykh Salim Ghisa

Black Magic and evil Jinn both exist in Islam and have been proven by the Quran and Hadith.

It is evident from the Qur'an and the Hadith that Jinn are the creations of Allah and are made from Fire. Like Angels they cannot be seen by the normal human eye. Because of their fiery nature there are more evil Jinn hence disbelievers and are also referred to as Shaytaans.
They can commit havoc if interfered with but generally keep themselves to themselves. They live in the world and take their place where it suits them, usually remote areas. Evil Jinn tend to stay in impure places like the toilets etc.

The Prophet of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) advised the Muslims to pray

The Muslim Jesus

Imaani Aslam

Jesus is a Christian though isn’t he?

Jesus (peace be upon him) isn’t just exclusive to Christianity. Muslims believe Jesus (called ‘Isa in Arabic) is a prophet - a messenger of Allah (swt) who was sent to mankind with a revelation from Allah (swt). In the Quran, stories about the life and teachings of Jesus (pbuh) are abundant. In fact, Jesus (pbuh) is mentioned more times in the Quran than Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Moses (Musa), Noah (Nuh), Adam, John (Yahya), David (Da’ud), and many other key figures in the Bible, (peace be upon them all) are also prophets in Islam.

Don't Worry, Be Happy


Emotional, depressed and wearing a hoody
Emotional, depressed and wearing a hoody
Imaani Aslam

We will all have moments in our life when we feel a bit down, miserable or in a bit of a mood. It is natural to feel some sort of sadness when we experience disappointments in our everyday life. However, The World Health Organisation estimates that 121 million people worldwide are suffering from ‘Depression’ – the illness. [1]

The difference between feeling a little low and suffering from a depressive illness is that these low feelings can last for weeks or months and seriously interfere with a persons life. There are different types of depressive illnesses; depression in its mildest form can make everything seem a struggle or pointless, but depression in its most severe form can be life-threatening as it can make a person simply give up the will to live.

Beat the Bullies

By Imaani Aslam

Chances are you know someone who is being bullied or that even you yourself have at some time in your life been bullied. A recent report revealed a staggering 69% of young people are bullied. In other words, a shocking 2 out of 3 people [1].

So what can be classed as bullying?

Issue 8: Aliyah & Jameela

By Sara Salim and "Imaani" Aslam

Jameela: Asalaam Alaikum Sis, I see you've dyed your hair again?

Aliyah: Yep. Looks good don't it? What do you think?

Jameela: Erm... I think you may have overdone it with the blonde highlights, not too sure if it suits your skin tone... but hey, what's with the makeover anyway?

Aliyah: Well, you're looking at the new me. I've decided I'm through with all this being a Muslim girl thing. Now people know that I ain't one of those girls they can order about. I've decided I ain't taking no crap any more.

Jameela: Well that's great, respecting yourself is really important, but what's taking crap got to do with being and looking like a Muslim?