Adam & Eve In The Quran

Imaani Aslam

Does the Quran also tell the story of Adam and Eve?

Yes it does, although a different version to the one that appears in the Bible today. The story of Adam (pbuh) and Eve is known the world over and is used by some to explain how mankind’s existence began on earth. In fact, Christianity, Islam and Judaism all teach that Adam (pbuh) and Eve were the first humans created by God and that all humans have descended from them. Adam (pbuh) is also a prophet in Islam.

So Muslims believe that every human being in the world today is related to Adam?

Yes, we are all ‘children’ of prophet Adam (pbuh) and Eve, as they were the first two human beings and it is from them the first generations of mankind descended. Allah (swt) says in the Quran: “O Mankind fear your Lord, Who created you from a single person, and from him He created his mate and from the twain He spread abroad many men and women.” In the Quran Allah (swt) often refers to mankind as the ‘Tribe of Adam’.

What else does the Quran tell us about the creation of Adam?

Allah (swt) tells us in the Quran that after He created everything that is in the earth He created the seven Heavens. After that He informed the angels that He intended to create man as His representative on the Earth. So using clay Allah (swt) designed Adam (pbuh) with His own hands and then breathed life into him. Abu Musa (may Allah (swt) be pleased with him) relates in a Hadith that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “Surely, Allah created Adam from clay selected from the different regions of the world. So, the children of Aadain (the Banu Adam) went after the earth – some of them turned out to be white, some red, some black and others between them. They turned out to be evil and good, and simple and tough; and there were those between the extremes.” [Ahmad]

What happened once Adam had been given life?

Allah (swt) taught Adam (pbuh) the names of all things – knowledge that the angels didn’t possess. Then Allah (swt) asked all the angels to bow down to Adam (pbuh). All the angels did so except Iblis. “He [Allah] said, ‘What stopped you from prostrating when I commanded you?’ He replied, ‘I am better than him: You created me from fire, while you created him from clay.’” “He [Allah] said, ‘Then go down from here! It is not for you to show arrogance here, so go away! Surely you are one of those who are degraded.’” (Chapter 7, Verse 12-13) So Iblis, thereafter also known as Shaytaan (Satan), was cast away after he refused to obey Allah (swt). Iblis then vowed to spend the rest of his days trying to lead mankind astray. “He [Allah] said, Go away from here, degraded and outcast; as for whoever of them follow you, surely I will fill Hell with all of you.’” (Chapter 7, Verse 18)

Does the Quran reveal any more about Eve?

Eve isn’t actually mentioned by name in the Quran, in fact ‘Eve’ is the name given to the first woman in the Bible. However, in Islamic tradition she is known by the Arabic name ‘Hawwa’. The Quran confirms that Hawwa was indeed created from Adam (pbuh) but doesn’t go into detail: “It is He Who created you from a single person, and made his mate of like nature, in order that he might dwell with her in love...” (Chapter 7, Verse 189) The Bible however states that Eve was created from Adam’s (pbuh) rib – something which although is not confirmed in the Quran, it is in fact supported by a Hadith in Bukhari.

Does the Quran mention the Garden of Eden?

It does, but in Islam it isn’t given such a name but is simply referred to as ‘the Garden’. Both Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa lived in Paradise enjoying the blessings of Allah (swt), living a life any human would have envied. However Allah (swt) warned them: “And We said, O’ Adam, dwell – you and your wife – in the Garden and eat freely of its (fruits) as you wish, but do not come near this tree lest you become wrongdoers’”. (Chapter 2, Verse 35) Allah (swt) also told Adam (pbuh) to beware of Shaytaan: “And We said, ‘Surely this one is an enemy to you and your wife, so do not let him drive you out from the Garden, so that you are made miserable’”. (Chapter 20, Verse 117)

Did Adam and Eve eat the apple from the forbidden tree?

Although in Islam there is no confirmation of what particular tree it was, Shaytaan did manage to tempt both Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. Being humans, their curiosity got the better of them: “But Shaytaan whispered to him saying, ‘O’ Adam, shall I show you the tree of immortality and power that does not waste away?’” (Chapter 20, Verse 120) The Quran tells us that after eating the fruit both Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa noticed they had become naked. Realising they had been tricked by Shaytaan they desperately tried to cover their nakedness with leaves from the trees.

In Islam is Eve blamed for tempting Adam to eat the fruit?

No, certainly not. Islam preaches that every person is responsible for their own actions. In the Quran Allah (swt) holds both Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa equally responsible for the sin of eating fruit from the tree that He had commanded them to stay away from. They can’t blame one another, as they are both as much responsible human beings as each other. In Islam we will all be made accountable for our own sins, we won’t be able to blame our parents, our brothers or sisters, or our friends or anyone else for that matter.

What about the concept of Original Sin?

This does not exist in Islam. Muslims do not believe that all humans are born with a tendency towards sin, or that we bear actual guilt or responsibility for the sins of our ancestors. Both Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa committed a sin and then asked Allah (swt) for forgiveness and He forgave them both, so there is no question of a hereditary sin in Islam. The Quran tells us: “No soul will be questioned about what another soul has done…” (Chapter 17, Verse 15) Instead, Muslims believe we inherited choice from Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa. After committing the sin both Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa were expelled from Paradise and sent to live on earth: “He [Allah] said, “There you will live, and there you will die, and from there you will be raised (from the dead).’” (Chapter 7, Verse 25) Allah (swt) gave them a choice as to how to live their life on earth, they could either believe in Allah’s (swt) signs and follow the guidance He sent to them or they could reject His laws and face the consequences on the Day of Judgement. “We said, ‘Go down from here together, but certainly guidance will come from Me to you – and whoever follows My guidance will neither fear nor grieve; but those who reject and deny Our signs, they are the people of the Fire; they will dwell in it.’” (Chapter 2, Verse 38-39) This is the choice that the whole of mankind has inherited from Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa.

If God truly forgave Adam and Eve for their sin why did He expel them from Paradise?

Allah (swt) is Most Merciful. Not only did Allah (swt) accept their repentance He also guided them: “Then Adam received words (of revelation) from his Lord, and He turned in forgiveness towards him; surely He is the Relenting, the Compassionate.” (Chapter 2, Verse 37) Another verse in the Quran states: “And Adam disobeyed his Lord, so he erred. Then his Lord chose him, and relented towards him, and He guided him.” (Chapter 20, Verse 122) Allah (swt) right from the beginning created Adam (pbuh) with the intention of making him His representative on earth. The Quran tells us that just before Allah (swt) created Adam (pbuh) He told the angels: “Surely I am about to place a vicegerent on the earth...” (Chapter 2, Verse 30) So Adam’s (pbuh) stay in Paradise at the beginning was always only meant to be temporary. However, Allah (swt) did inform Adam (pbuh) that it was possible to return to Paradise if one made the right choices in their life on earth.

Did Adam and Eve have any kids?

Yes, since the whole of mankind descended from them both, they had a lot of children. It is said that in each birth they had twins - a boy and a girl. They were commanded to marry the male of one set to the female of the next set, and the male of that set to the female of the first, but they were disallowed to marry a brother and sister of the same birth. The marriage between sets of twins - an exception granted to the first generation of human beings only - was in order for mankind to multiply. The Quran reveals the names of two of Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa’s sons as Habil and Qabil, known as Abel and Cain in the Bible.

What does the Islamic version of the story of Adam and Eve teach us?

The whole story teaches us that Islam is fair and just when dealing with matters relating to men and women. This story shows us that both men and women are equally capable of following the right path and equally capable of being led astray by Shaytaan and falling into destructive ways. It teaches us that humans have free will, and that they alone will be responsible for their choice of action of which they will ultimately face accountability before Allah (swt). In the Quran Allah (swt) tells us: “O’ Tribe of Adam, do not let Shaytaan beguile you in the same way that he caused your (first) parents to leave the Garden, pulling away their garment (of innocence) so that he made them aware of their nakedness. Surely he sees you, he and his followers, from where you do not see him…” (Chapter 7, Verse 27) Allah (swt) tells Shaytaan in the Quran: “You will have no power over my (sincere) slaves; and Allah will be guardian enough (for them).” (Chapter 17, Verse 65)

How is this story significant to Muslims today?

The story highlights the importance of us acknowledging any sins we commit and then sincerely repenting to Allah (swt) for them. Adam (pbuh), Eve and Iblis all disobeyed Allah’s (swt) command, but the clear difference was how they reacted when made aware of their sin. Adam (pbuh) and Eve realised their mistake, and humbly asked for forgiveness, while Ibis, full of pride, was arrogant and refused to even acknowledge he had done wrong. Also, just like Adam (pbuh) and Hawwa we live as free beings on this earth with the choice to follow Allah’s (swt) Divine Guidance, which is available to us in the Quran, or to follow our own self-willed ways under the influence of Shaytaan. Depending on the choice we make we will either spend our afterlife in peace in Heaven or be forever punished in Hell.


Objectively speaking, this is just a perverted version of the original Holy scriptures. God never has to come behind men to set the record straight, He already put his devinely influenced texts in place long before (over 700 years) the Quran was devised. The problem with Christianity is mankinds stiffnecked ways and like the example above his blatant attempt to subvert the minds of the simple. The Apostle Paul said "though we or an angel from heaven come preaching any other gospel than ye have received, let him be accursed." (written some 700 years before Mohammed came deceiving the masses with his version of "God's doctrine"). That goes for Catholics, Baptists and the like all the way down to Muslim. The thing that makes the real difference between Christianity and Islam is that Islam provides no plan for atonement. That is the focal point of TRUE Christianity. Truth hurts but it's good medicine. Smile

We simply have to sincerely ask God for forgiveness and He does.

The Christian belief is kinda confusing - if Jesus died for your sins then what is his purpose now? What is your purpose now? If all your sins are forgiven why try to be better than you are when being mediocre worshipped can still take you to heaven, since you believe? :S

"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi

Keith wrote:
Objectively speaking, this is just a perverted version of the original Holy scriptures. God never has to come behind men to set the record straight, He already put his devinely influenced texts in place long before (over 700 years) the Quran was devised. The problem with Christianity is mankinds stiffnecked ways and like the example above his blatant attempt to subvert the minds of the simple. The Apostle Paul said "though we or an angel from heaven come preaching any other gospel than ye have received, let him be accursed." (written some 700 years before Mohammed came deceiving the masses with his version of "God's doctrine"). That goes for Catholics, Baptists and the like all the way down to Muslim. The thing that makes the real difference between Christianity and Islam is that Islam provides no plan for atonement. That is the focal point of TRUE Christianity. Truth hurts but it's good medicine. Smile

Am i the only one who thought that comment was anything but Objective?

Atonement. As in the belief that Jesus (as) paid the penalty for the original and other sins of all men by his death on the cross and that salvation cannot be obtained without belief in the saving power of his blood.

Firstly, Muslims dont believe in the idea of Original sin. The Quran states that Adam (as) and his wife were forgiven. The Quran states 'Every soul shall bear its own burdens' and 'Nobody will carry anybody's burden' in the Quran (6:164).

Secondly, Islam states Allah (swt) is most forgiving, most compassionate and most merciful.  Therefore demanding the price of blood in order to forgive the sins of all men shows a complete lack of mercy, whether the former is willing or not, is the height of injustice. And Allah (swt) is the most just.

Allah (swt) doesnt require the shedding of blood to atone for sins. What is necesary however is true reptance, remorse, persistent struggle against evil. Which to any rational mind would seem the fairer choice, to be judged by ones own deeds rather than their ancestors.

And to quote the bible:

"The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him." - Ezekiel 18:20

So i guess what im saying is you're talking outta your rear mate.

And I heard as it were, the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts saying come and see and I beheld, a pale horse. And his name that sat on him was Death... and Hell followed with him.


Atonement is the key. Under Moses administration the congregation was commanded to sacrifice animals and the blood shed by those sacrifices cleansed the beliver of his sins, problem was those sacrifices had to be performed often and did not cleans the consience. So to fix this problem (which really wasn't a problem but a figure of Christ), God set up the sacrifice of a man, and not just any unclean man but a clean one who "did no sin, neither were lies found in his mouth". The blood he shed is "for the remission of sins that are past" and this blood is applied to an individual through baptism by a qualified servant of God, not just anyone. 


  Jesus' purpose now is His office as an "attorney" if you will who makes pleas to God for us, and when we follow the steps he laid out God does not see us as sinners anymore and thus His clean Spirit can enter us and thereby we obtain true salvation as the Spirit of God is the only Spirit powerful and clean enough to get us to the ultimate destination when our bodies die, the THIRD Heaven. There are no seven heavens, only three.


  The reason Christianity is so confusing is because filthy men use the Gospel to get money and they are no more qualified to preach Gods plan of salvation than a retarded kid is qualified to transplant a heart. Simply asking God for forgivness is not going to cut it, you must 1. Repent, 2. Be baptised (by a minister ordained of God and not man) and 3. Be filled with God's Holy Spirit. Number three is the most mis-understood part of the process because 99.9999999% of people who claim they are filled with God's Spirit have no clue of the actual filling and are deceived because they can't stop sinning against God. God's spirit CANNOT and WILL NOT live in someone who commits "sin". One single sin will drive the Spirit of God from that person and they may not be able to recover just like Adam in the Garden of Eden. Same for us as for him, same God.


 Sin is the breaking of God's law. Understand that the breaking of God's law makes one "dirty" in God's sight and God is clean (Holy) it's like two magnets repelling each other. God's Spirit CANNOT be dirtied or even CLOSE to "dirt". In order to fully undeerstand this one must experience TRUE rebirth first hand. If you want to know more follow the link:

You are thinking with your rear mate because you don't understand any of what I wrote. Neither did they understand Jesus.  ...still don't. End of discussion.

Did you even read anything i wrote? I ask because you've not addressed a single point i raised. Instead i got a cut and paste job of misinformation.

A capital sign that you're nothing more than a fanatic. With no real views or ability to discuss scripture. And you feel like you UNDERSTAND Jesus (as). Dont make me laugh. Your words are worthless unless you can back them up.

The Quran states "my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of God: for God forgives all sins (except shirk): for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." (39:53) And in order to be forgive you must (1) The sin is committed out of ignorance, not with the intention that God will forgive you; (2) That you quickly turn in shame and repent after committing the sin (3) After asking for forgiveness, make a pledge to mend your ways.- Quran (4:17, 4:18).

But dont take my word for it. Its clear you dont believe in the Quran. If a person believes that a blood sacrifice were necessary in order for God to forgive human sin, then that person forgot to study the Gospels of the Bible (old and new testament). Even a single example where God forgave without a blood sacrifice would prove that this idea is untrue. And since God does not contradict himself then one such example would disprove all you're babling. I refer ofcourse to Leviticus 5:11-13. Where God forgave the people of Niniveh simply for abandoning their evil ways. Therefore res ipsa loquitur by your own holy book; God said you can be forgiven without blood sacrifices.

I believe thats check and mate.
He shoots and he scores! And thats the game!!!

Thank you, thank you... i'm here all week

I-m so happy

And I heard as it were, the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts saying come and see and I beheld, a pale horse. And his name that sat on him was Death... and Hell followed with him.

I find the story of Adam and Eve in the Quran fascinating. The Abrahamic religions have much in common. This commonality should bring these three factions closer but alas that is not the case. As a Catholic Christian, I have never believed that blood sacrifices were necessary for the forgivenenss of sins at any time. God (Allah) never wanted them. Instead, He wanted man to give all of himself to God. The story of Cain and Abel makes this quite clear. Neither of these two men were required to even give sacrifice and yet the fact that Abel's sacrifice was acceptable and Cain's not,  aknowledges man's failure to give his all to the Supreme Being.

Regardless of which faith we walk, it seems to me, that if we embrace the 2 commandments of Jesus :1, Love God with your whole mind, soul and strength and 2, love your neighbor as yourself; we are Christian,  whether we know it or not.


The old testament was created 30 years after Jesus' death while the new testament was created 300 years after Jesus death which is where Paul dreamt of the idea of the trinity and later thousands of other versions of the bible.

The oldest arabic language dictionary In existence was published within two hundred years after the death of prophet Muhammad. The early conolisation of the arabic dictionaries had ensured that none of the meanings of the words of the Quran have ever been lost. To put this into perspective, with the Judaic tradition, the Torah was originally revealed to Moses over three thousand years ago, making it over 1,500 years older than the Quran. However, the first Hebrew dictionary wasn't created until the 10th century [1] - some three hundred years after the Revelation of the Quran. Hebrew was a dead language from the 2nd century CE until the foundation of Israel [2]. As a consequence of this, Bible scholars had to turn to the vocabulary found in arabic dictionaries to assist in understanding the many obscure and problematic Hebrew words in the Old Testament. Because arabic and Hebrew are both part of the Semitic family of languages they have many similarities, and so the Arabic language has been used, since the Middle Ages, to understand difficult words and expressions in the Biblical Hebrew. Even to the present day, commentaries and articles written by Bible scholars regularly cite evidence from Arabic in support of a particular meaning for a Hebrew word or passage [3]. It is very interesting point that in order to fully understand Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament, bible scholars have to rely on Classical Arabic, the language of the Quran!


which therefore make Quran a more reliable source of the Gospel Jesus son of Mary preached. May the father guide you to his path ameen 

Jesus died to atone for our sins.  Does that mean we can continue to sin??   No.  The atonement is subject to sincere repentence.  Forgiveness comes only with sincere repentence.


Sinners are forgiven but the sin is not.  You don't know when you will die.  If you die before you can repent, hell is waiting to welcome you while the gate of heaven is closed.

Confession is the process of acknowledging your sins, sincere repenting and sincerely asking for forgiveness and committing to not sin again.

This is the Christian teaching.

You need to understand this teaching from the Chirstian perspective to appreciate it rather than a muslim perspective which is intended to confuse you just as how Adam and Eve were misled by Satan.

I appreciate all who have contributed to this topic, both Christians and Muslims alike.

The bone of contention here is ATONEMENT, ie, Forgiveness of Sin.

I understand the quran standpoint on this. but the TRUTH remains that there is no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of blood. The biblical story given to prove that God forgave the people of Nineveh without the shedding of blood does not annul the TRUTH that sin are forgiven by blood shed. Yes, many stories in the Scriptures which showed how God forgave without requiring for blood of animals to be sarificed. I want you to know that in all of these, whether in the Old or New Testament, God forgave them because of Christ. For the Bible says that Christ died for the sin of the world. If Christ's death still work for us now, it also worked for them who lived before Him.

Also, i want u all to realize that we cannot attain righteousness nor holiness by our good works. There are statements that if a man sin out of ignorance (ie, not because God will forgive), he will recieve forgiveness when he repents. Now my question is: How many of us sin without knowing that what we are doing is sinful and God hates it? Hmm.. everyone who sins are very much aware that God is not pleased with what they are doing and yet they carry on to do it. Why do we carry on to do it, it is mostly because we (those who fear God) believe that God will forgive us when we turn to him. Therefore, having this knowlegde, we all can recieve forgiveness for sins we commit based on the quran stand point. What is the hope of man then?

Another question is this, Can a man refrain himself from commiting sin? Have u ever tried to stop an habit and yet u realized that u fall the more into it? Have you ever tried to stop yourself from one sin and before u know it you are in another? It is grossly impossible for man to stop sinning, it is imposssible for man to live perfectly holy in his strength.We are not perfect in our ways and you cant beat that. But God has made a Way through which we can attain True Holiness and that way is JESUS, His death on the Cross, His resurrection and His Accenssion. if you will only believe, you will be redeemed from this nature of sin, because He will send His Power into you Who will help you to overcome sin in every area of your life.

There are more to tell you than this page can take. if you have any question or clarification you can let me know. 

Looooove how your points because Keith (username) was not being objective because the blog his reponse was created towards conflicted with his Babylonian teachings out of the Biblos or Bible (pagan roots for Keith; and OH YEAH his name is not Jesus, the letter J did not exist until roughly a couple hundred years ago). To be a true follower of Yah one must fear hear him (as in the conscience) and then be obedient to the truth. Now, the sacrifices were a command simply of obedience. Yah had already SHOWN our ancestors His might, His glory and His grace. Soooo for the simpltons who STILL questioned him, the laws and statutes were created as our physical "rule of order" structure (since the miracles and fire by night were not enough) they needed his Word manifest into commandments. And STILL they did not listen or rather HEAR the truth that though we are sinners, he is near but because we are prideful and will call even our own eyes liars to obtain our own satisfaction we fell from His presence. But repeated ignorance seems to be a common thread Keith:) Yah Bless. Not trying to sound mean but come on the Father showed he wanted to be near us but because of sheer willful stupidity we were taken apart from Him and thus the "bridge of sin" or rather pride (vanity) separates. 

When you say that all Muslims believe that we’re related to Adam, I assume that they do not believe that we are literally decendants from from just one pair of human beings. Can I assume a bit of metaphor there or not?



The majority view is that it is not a metaphor.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

So….in the Koran, the man and woman are equally to blame for eating the apple. This is a step up from the Bible, where it’s the woman’s fault for “tempting” the man. Another step up in the Koran seems to be that there is no reference to the woman being made from the rib of the man. According to Imaani, she was made in like fashion (i.e. from clay). Great!

OK, so here’s my question. Whenever Imaani refers to the man, he writes peace be upon him (pbuh) after his name. When he refers to the woman, he does not say pbuh.

Why is this?

Keith, so according to you Islam has no atonement? The difference between Christians and Muslims is that Christians dont even study their own scriptures so what to expect from them and Muslims study Quran and other scriptures with no restrictions whatsoever. For Catholics, if you read any other scripture you are lost and dont trust in your faith, do you know why? because you are afraid that the truth will hurt but like you said its the best medicine so lets face it. For Muslims we dont need atonement thru any creation of God such as Jesus for you, nor we need to confess to a priest so we get ready to sin all over again and the cycle of sinning never ends. We, Muslims connect directly with our CREATOR and ask for forgiveness and then the judgement is in his court with an intention to stay on the right path. Have you ever thought of the verse in Bible where Jesus clearly declares that he is a son of man and God is one and only? Why didnt he say he was a son of God? The term ‘Father’ when translated from Latin/greek had a context of protector not a literal meaning in English as a father but humans relate everything to how they are, even with Aliens we portray in the movies with eyes and ears because we can only accept things that we can relate to. 

You're right that many people do not study. Many blindly follow what some man teaches without question. Let's visit the earliest account, the garden of Eden for a minute. ... the importance of understanding the very 'first sin' that offended God, we can agree Adam and Eve ate something they were commanded not to, right? We know God does not change right? So, if they were commanded not to eat a certain thing and we eat what they did regardless whether we know what it was it would be an infraction right? So to answer your point that people do not study the scriptures of their religion we see Adam and Eve were ejected from paradise for disobeying God and eating something. The same for today, if we eat what they ate we too should die and be ejected from paradise else God would be found to have a double standard (but he doesn't) so it's paramount we know what they ate. I know precisely what they ate and why we should not eat that, do you? Esau sold his birthright over something to eat as well. What did they eat to cause such judgment to come upon them? Until we can agree on the answer to this there's no point in going any further. Until we can discover the foundation of mankind's dilemma we cannot understand the rest. I'll give you a hint, Adam and eve did not eat with the mouth on the front of thier face, they ate with the mouth on the side of their heads, with their ears. What they heard and what they believed is what caused them to die away from God. What exactly did they hear? We must know this or we cannot go any further and remain subject to the same fate. 

TPOS wrote:
We simply have to sincerely ask God for forgiveness and He does.

The Christian belief is kinda confusing - if Jesus died for your sins then what is his purpose now? What is your purpose now? If all your sins are forgiven why try to be better than you are when being mediocre worshipped can still take you to heaven, since you believe? :S


the reason Christians try to improve is out of sincere love to the LORD our God. Our purpose of living is to fulfill the LORD’s will and do His work on Earth in love. We are thankful of our atonement and enjoy the relationship between God the Creator and His Creation, human kind. Being forgiven is not permission to go out and sin, it is permission to rely on faith, pure love, and honor our Redeemer, and serve Him exclusively. Sin does more than send humans to hell, it severs our relationship with God and communion with Him, as He is perfect and we are not, imperfection keeps us from understanding His will in our lives which are designed to honor Him, it separates us from the LORD that loves us. It’s something that all humans deep down inside seek to fulfill. I hope this answers your question. 


If you are truly interested in what Christians believe in regards to redemption and sin, I think that this site offers a good explanation for that, and other questions. In this particular article, I think the author does a better job explaning with more depth and detail than I do:


Be blessed

Paul never met Jesus, so he has just cursed himself Smile Paul’s mission was to destroy christianity and considering he had disputes with the disciples that actually met and learned from Jesus verbratim, we can understand how Paul ended up doing just that even if it were not his intention. Many Christian scholars attribute the Gospel of John to Paul’s teaching as it is the one that tries to deify Jesus the most. And God knows best... 

Jesus died to pay for our sins. It taKes one sin to be an enemy of God and to pay for it in hell. It takes a good man to commit one crime to go to prison . The purpose of Jesus now is to save us from doing so. Surprisingly, the only correct thing in the quoran is "Jesus is the messish" written more than 10 times in the present tense.messiah means chosen saviour yet Muslims don't want him to save them. He is the Messiah-present tense. So he is the only man sent from God that is alive to save.evdn Muhammad needs Jesus to save him from hell. To escape  hell all you need iis jesus but to get rewarded in heaven  you need to do the right thing.

Well, this is d point . The Qur'an says Jesus is the Messiah more than 10 - IN present tense Sura 5.17 is one of them . Thsts the only thing correct in thst book and the only thing that can save you. messiah means chosen saviour. Please check d dictionary. So he is still saving 600 years after he left when d Qur'an was written because PRESENT TENSE WAS USED .  Jesus died and went to hell for us so we won't go there. Once u sin u cant stay with God . U must pay for is not by saying sorry. If God is fair, why should he forgive you and not satan. Or do you think satan cannot ask for forgiveness. That's what all the prophets were trying to say. Abraham saved his son by killing a ram. Moses saved the israelite by them killing lambs. Jesus is called the lamb of God that takes away sin . John1.29.

By the way the meaning of Jesus is God saves... Check dictionary or Wikipedia. If you cannot commit a crime and ask the president to forgive , you can't do that with God .for God to be fair to all beings everyone is paying . If satan can get the right angel to go to hell for him he won't go again