Ain't fasting Bad for ya?

By Saima Iqbal

As the fourth pillar of Islam fasting is mostly observed during the month of Ramadan. Although technically you can fast at various other times of the year too, the month of Ramadan is the most well known for it. Fasting is a means of abstaining from not only food and drink but also putting in more effort in following the teachings of Islam.

As well as the spiritual benefits of fasting, there are also many other benefits that can be gained from fasting.

    The Revival's Guide to Ramadan

    You mean you can't eat ANYTHING? Not even drink water? Isn't that like bad for you?

    Yep, when Muslims fast for the 30 days in the month of Ramadan from dawn till dusk they can't eat or drink anything throughout Ramadan.

    Fasting is not bad for your health, even Celebs occasionally fast (they call it (detox), abstaining from food and drink cleans out your insides, gives your digestive system a rest and causes harmful chemicals to be flushed out of your system.(1)

    30 whole days?! You'd die!

    Ermm¦ No you wouldn't. Muslims are required to fast from dawn to dusk. The fast begins just before dawn when Muslims eat a light meal (suhoor) and confirm their intention to fast for the day; the fast ends at sunset.

    How Do You Fast?

    Find out how you REALLY spend Ramadan and what kind of Muslim you are:

    1. The moon has been sighted, Ramadan has officially begun - how do you feel?

    A. Excited! You can't wait to keep your first fast. You intend to derive the most out of Ramadan this year.
    B. You get irritated at the thought of waking up for Sehri but look forward to keeping your first fast.
    C. You feel depressed. This is gonna be a loooooooong month. You can't do jack in Ramadan.

    2. Mums waking you up for Sehri - do you…

    A. Jump out of bed at the first call, there's BARE blessings at this time! This is the time prayers get accepted.

    Be a Muslim for life - Not just 30 days

    Alveena Salim

    Once again it’s that special time of year again. The month of mercy and forgiveness. The month in which your dua’s get accepted and sins get forgiven. The month in which there’s a buzz in the air and everyone feels good. The month in which the religious people who lived before spent six whole months anticipating.

    The month in which the dust comes of your copy of the Qur’an and the Mosques start to get packed out. The month in which tasty samosa’s and pakora’s are served daily at Iftar time, and the month in which millions of people all over the world strengthen and revive their relationship with Allah. Yep you guessed it- Ramadan’s Back!!!

    Ramadan... Who Needs It?

    Sajid Iqbal

    The Messenger of God (peace be upon him) said:

    'Ramadan has come to you as a blessed month. During this month Allah ahs described fasting for you, the gates of heaven are open and the gates of hell are closed. The rebellious devils are chained. There is a night in this month that is better than a thousand months, whoever misses it is indeed deprived of enormous blessings.' (Bukhari)

    'My people have been blessed with 5 special favours in Ramadan:

    Have You Got It?

    Sajid Iqbal

    Gang wars, stabbing, shooting, drug dealing, pimping, mugging, rape, every fraud you can think of, abusive language, fornication.....the list is endless.

    Why is it that an increasing number of young Muslims are involved in every crime and dodgy behaviour imaginable?

    Today nicking a car tape, selling weed, credit card fraud etc. is as common as eating fish and chips!

    The sixty million dollar question is that why are Muslims involved in these shady acts? Well, you could say its the way we’ve been brought up, lack of identity, lack of facilities, the mosques are not offering us anything, our parents are uneducated... the list of reasons (or excuses) is larger than Nawaz Sharif’s bank account!

    Top Ten: Ahadith relating to Ramadan

    Sajid Iqbal

    Here’s ten top sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) on the blessed month of Ramadan:

    "Fast after sighting the moon and end the fast after sighting it and if it is cloudy then complete thirty days of Shaban." (Bukhari)

    "Ramadan has come to you as a blessed month. During this month Allah has prescribed fasting for you, the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of hell are closed. The rebellious devils are chained. There is a night in this month that is better than a thousand months, whoever misses it is indeed deprived of enormous blessings." (Bukhari)

    Editorial: Xmas or Ramadan?

    Sajid Iqbal

    Yes, it’s that time again when there are many special dishes on the table, loads of movies on the telly, the hype of the end of the year and a big celebration at the end of it all.... yep, it’s Ramadan slap-bang in the middle of the X-mas celebrations!

    To make it worse, this year you’ve got the Millennium Madness Disease spreading everywhere.

    This is the month when we’re supposed to be doing extra worship, becoming pious, wipe the slate clean and try to attain Taqwa, understand Islam properly and become a practising Muslim.

    Well if you thought it was difficult last time round then by-heck have we got a hell of a challenge this year.