Editorial: Xmas or Ramadan?

Sajid Iqbal

Yes, it’s that time again when there are many special dishes on the table, loads of movies on the telly, the hype of the end of the year and a big celebration at the end of it all.... yep, it’s Ramadan slap-bang in the middle of the X-mas celebrations!

To make it worse, this year you’ve got the Millennium Madness Disease spreading everywhere.

This is the month when we’re supposed to be doing extra worship, becoming pious, wipe the slate clean and try to attain Taqwa, understand Islam properly and become a practising Muslim.

Well if you thought it was difficult last time round then by-heck have we got a hell of a challenge this year.

Just imagine this: you want to read the Quran and do some extra worship but on the other hand the X-mas culture is dragging you away. You’ve got the X-mas movie premier or something like ‘The best of Only Fools and Horses’ inviting you to become a couch potato.

For the whole month you’ll always have something dragging you away from getting the best out of Ramadan.

The month will pass you by and all you’ve done is sleep, watch the telly and eat and you’ll get absolutely nothing out of this month.

So you have to decide now: are you going to get the most out of Ramadan or are you going to spend this month involved in the X-mas mania?

It’s one or the other I’m afraid; you can’t have your cake and eat it...unless you’re a greedy sod! Remember this: those who worship Ramadan are only pious in Ramadan alone, those who worship Allah are pious throughout the year.