Mommy & mommy & daddy or mommy & daddy & daddy?

No, I am not talking about adoption and those with a keen eye would notice that both options have not two but three parents.

The UK research into creating babies with not the traditional two, but three parents. This bill still needs to pass in the House of Lords.

The selling point for this is to allow the changing/removal of genetic code that would normally cause serious genetic illnesses, but it could end up going all Gattaca on us.

There be interesting times ahead.

Gaddafi agreed to abdicate & go into exile before 2011 coalition assault/lynching

I came across t - Gadhafi of Libya had contacted the US before the coalition bombing campaign which also armed various rebel groups that are still at war.

He offered a peaceful transfer of power where he woudl abdicate and go into exile - he even took "confidence building" measures of moving his armed forces away from the cities.

He recieved no response and eventually after the passing of a UN resolution to "protect civilians" the Western coalition of nations, mainly France and the UK went to war to oust him.

Libya has remained broken and in chaos ever since.

How should the UK deal with returnees from Syria?

Yusuf Sarwar was arrested and then convicted after returning from Syria

There is a story on today: a mother who cooperated with the police when she found out about her son, Yusuf Sarwar, had traveled to Syria to fight felt betrayed by his arrest and subsequent 12 years and 8 months sentence under the anti terrorism laws.

His mother Majida told the BBC she believed the sentence would discourage other Muslims from helping the police.

There is a question of how these returnees should be treated. Should they be incarcerated and seen as a problem? Surely they cannot be left alone, after coming back from carrying out "terrorist activities" abroad?

Would Michael Piggin have been convicted of terrorism related offences if he was Muslim?

On Friday, a teenager named Michael Piggin walked free from court when the jury at a second trial failed to reach a verdict. The prosecutors have stated they will not seek a retrial.

You can read more about it in which gives further details of the trial and what Michael Piggin was accused of:

...planning to carry out a murderous attack on his former school, a cinema, a mosque and a council office near his home in the Midlands.

CCTV Video footage catches the IDF murder two unarmed, non threatening children.

I try to avoid making topics about Israel because the wider Muslim world is in conflict and Israel can be dealt with once the rest is sorted out.

But this event isnt something "minor" like demolishing houses, harrasment or exclusion. It is murder of children. You can watch the cold blooded murder in the video available on

I spy with my little eye... (GCHQ is watching you!)

Big Brother

It has been known that webcams are easy to hack and any privacy conscious individual should put a piece over the webcam build into their laptops.

Criminals have been known to hack into webcams etc.

But now we know that the government has been watching the world's webcams on a massve scale. According to based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden, The UK GCHQ has been monitoring Yahoo on a massive scale. In one 6 month period they took/obtained pictures of 1.8 million people. None of this was targetted at criminals or potential terrorists. They simply spied on everyone.

Derby Muslim faith school closes on first day of Ofsted inspection

Al-Madinah school shuts its doors to pupils over 'health and safety issue' just hours after inspectors arrive

A controversial Islamic faith school in Derby – under fire for forcing female staff to wear headscarves – abruptly shut its doors on Wednesday hours after the arrival of inspectors from Ofsted, citing unspecified "health and safety" as the reason.

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