Malcolm X on the Importance of Da'wah

Malcolm X

This post is following on from my previous blog post where that had Muslims actually carried out Da'wah in America, people would not have fallen for the lies by Elijah Muhammad.

When Malcolm X went on Hajj and saw the true Islam in its multicultural glory, he also saw that the Muslims were complacent. As someone that had in the past recruited thousands of people, the wheels in his mind were spinning:

Why is Prince Charles so attracted to Islam?

Omid Safi

Why is Prince Charles so attracted to Islam?

A recent story about Prince Charles learning Arabic in order to undertake a deeper study of the Qur’an has created a lot of hubbub in the British media.

The story has raised rumors yet again about the heir to the British throne’s deep fascination with Islam.

A decade ago, Islamophobes were already filled with dread that Prince Charles might have already converted to Islam.

So what is behind this attraction to Islam?  What about Islam is proving so appealing to Prince Charles himself?   To answer that question, let us listen to some of what he has to say.

Islam, Dawah and Family by Nouman Ali Khan

you're going to get the hardest time, the worst sarcasm and insults from your family when you try and become a better muslim, when you try to learn more and practise Islam better.

we've got to have patience and not lose hope. not lose our cool.

and remember:

Abu Lahab - the uncle and neighbour of the prophet (pbuh). the one who went out and celebrate when the prophet (pbuh)'s son died
Abu Jahl - another uncle.

they were Family - and the worst worst worst ennemies of the prophet (pbuh) and of Islam.

and its hard to make dawah to family. especially to older generations. so when it is hard to make talking dawah then the other solution is manners. staying courteous, polite, when they insult the next day you call them.

Nouman Ali Khan - Contradicting Community


Subhanallah an amazing lecture on how as a community we should attract MUSLIMS to Islam. From how to deal with your parents to how the imams should deal with the youth, he covers it all.

Must Watch insha Allah. You'll only benefit. Smile

Charity Begins at (my Future) Home

I recently met up with one of my oldest and dearest friends for coffee. The conversation often comes to Islam, because he was very upset and angry with me when he first found out I converted to Islam.

Anyway, the talk turned to charity, and I was recounting tales of some of my Muslim friends who are, masha'Allah, [b]extremely[/b] generous with their money. I was explaining to him how important kindness and giving is in Islam, because we believe that everything we give in this life will be repaid to us, many times over, in the next life.

The Prophet and the People who Opposed him

Abdul Malik Mujahid

Bleeding from head to toe, battered and exhausted, he was faced with a choice.

Should he or shouldn't he seek to destroy the people who had just humiliated him by having their children chase him out of town while throwing stones at him? And this was simply for sharing his message and seeking help for his people.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was in Taif, a lush town of green palm trees, fruits and vegetables, about 50 miles southeast of his arid hometown Makkah. He was hoping that perhaps the people of this town would be receptive to his message, which had been rejected by most of the Makkans for over a decade.