The effects of Weed (K2) and Islam

With the rise of drug misuse, especially by our youngsters, I decided to write an article to highlight the dangers of smoking weed and by concluding with an Islamic perspective. Marijuana or K2 is a class B drug which is widely popular in the UK. Marijuana (weed, hash, pot, dope etc.) effects the mind.

The National Institute for Health states that, due to the misuse of drugs, there is a change in the neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters are affected by all drugs. Furthermore, the more a person smokes weed throughout their lifetime, the greater the chance of developing mental health disorders, later on in life.

From Crime To Islam

The Revival looks at one young mans journey from life on the street to life in prison and then discovering Islam again.

Offence: In possession of drugs with the intent to supply
Time Spent: 6 years

The point in my career which led me to engage in activities of crime was when my mother died. Being only 18 and very close to my mum, it was a huge shock when cancer had swept throughout her entire body and therefore, being unable to cope, I thought taking drugs and alcohol would temporarily ease the pain.

"It's not a jinn possession, it is Class A drugs"

Just something that was mentioned on the Let's talk show today...

Some kid was on Class A drugs, but the parents thought the person was possessed.

The support worker had to explain to the parents that it was drugs but the parents did not accept it easily "that can't be our kid!"

Do you think this could be more common in cases where jinn possession is suspected/inferred?

Religion and (medical) Drugs

The Health Department are generally always trying to tailor around their Patient's need ( I know that this does not always happen).

So earlier this year, the publication that was printed:
Religion and Belief: A practical guide for the NHS.

I'm just scanning through some writing, and it says here:

In the United Kingdom, the right to follow your religion and beliefs is protected under article 9 of the Human Rights Act 1998, which covers freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.

I didn't know this but people who follow the Jehovah's Witness refuse blood products because of their beliefs.

Anyway, coming back to what I really made this thread for:

Advertorial: The Hookah/Shisha - Is it a safe option?

By Oldham Community Health Services

The Hookah also known as Shisha has been used to smoke tobacco for about 400 years. It has various other names, one being a water pipe.

It exists in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. The tobacco used can have one of many different flavours. It is burned using glowing charcoal. The smoke produced is passed though water before being inhaled using a mouthpiece attached to a flexible tube.

Many users believe that smoking tobacco in this way is less harmful than using cigarettes.

This isn’t true.

Using a Hookah/Shisha often happens in a group. Everyone shares the same mouthpiece. This can lead to the spread of diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), herpes, hepatitis and other viruses.

Up in Smoke

The Story of One Man's Journey from Weed to Islam

By Abdullah bin Islam

Yes, I've smoked weed. I've blazed white widow, purple haze and terrible home-grown. I've had bongs, hot-boxes and I've pulled whiteys. I've bought Ounces, Henry's and a few mint leaves wrapped in a load of tinfoil. I've taken exams while high. I've sat down on the side of the road at the dead of night, trying to get control of my balance so I can get home and sneak upstairs without waking my parents. I've trekked halfway across London to pick up a tens, because all my regular dealers had ran out because it was Notting Hill Carnival weekend. I've boasted about being high-grade and looked down on people who couldn't smoke more than one spliff without their face turning green.

Stoned: The Truth About Weed

All Muslims know that alcohol is Haram (forbidden). Even if they do actually drink themselves, they know they are committing a sin. But the same is not always true of cannabis. "Man made beer, God made weed. I know who I trust," is what they might say. "It doesn't have any bad side-effects, it helps me relax and when I'm smoking I think really deeply about things." Is there any truth to these statements? Is weed really a harmless drug? Shouldn't the government legalise it? Didn't they already make it legal a couple of years ago? Is cannabis even forbidden in Islam?

Eid not weed!

By Hayder Khan

Finally the month of starvation is over, now we can don our expensive designer gear and head down to Rusholme in our pimped-out rides, waving our national flag, blasting the latest tracks and see what we can pull! Might just get a little mashed or have a few shots…and you have to have some weed man- chill out its Eid...you have to have some weed dude...all in the name of celebrating and having fun!

WOOAAH… just hold on a sec there mate! Isn’t this the day we're supposed to have fun BUT also praise and thank Allah (swt) for the blessings bestowed upon us; as well as an opportunity to unite with the whole Ummah and join in together in enjoyment? C’mon people…what are we doing!

Drugs: Weapon Of Mass Destruction!

The biggest Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) today is drugs. The most popular and easily available drug for youngsters today is cannabis, you might know it as "weed", “grass", "pot", "reefer", "joint", "hashish", "Mary Jane", “puff”, “skunk” and “wacky backy”.

The Revival takes you on a journey in the life cycle of a joint. We have spoken to people who are involved and affected by drugs.

The following are real life accounts of real people and they reflect the views of many people in similar situations.