hajj diary

Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Part 2

Abdullah bin Islam

In I chronicled the first half of my journey. Now read on for the rest.

Arrival in Makkah

After a short interlude to drop our bags off at the hotel and decipher the a/c controls, we hurried along the crowded streets to the holiest site in Islam. When I try to remember it, the whole experience feels like a vivid dream.

Excitement had returned to my party, and brought with it shortness of breath and a slight tightening of the throat. We were all grinning like idiots, and were doing all we could to stop ourselves pushing and running towards our ultimate target.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Abdullah bin Islam

My friends were due to pick me up from my house at 11am. I'd packed everything the night before (mainly jubbahs and suntan lotion). My passport was in the top draw of my bedside table along with my plane tickets, tucked safely away in a brown envelope. About an hour before my friends were scheduled to arrive, they called me to let me know they were running on time. I calmly went over to open my bedside table draw and... confusion.

There were phone bills, bank statements, some old photos and a passport-sized empty space. Where could my documents be? I had been very careful with them and vividly remembered checking and double-checking the night before. I opened the drawer below: nothing but receipts and warrantee cards. All of a sudden this wasn't looking so good.

Me, My Family & The Hajj (Part 3: Final)

Okay so we're off to Jamarat. The site of the three devils... also known as the Big Devil, Middle Devil and the lil devil (almost feel sorry for that lil guy... almost). But I was soo gonna kick his ass anyway... the lil twerp. But with all things on this trip. Something was bound to go wrong.

Me, My Family & The Hajj (part 2)

So there i was in Saudi soaking up the good vibes (and the sunshine Biggrin ) at one of the holiest cities in all of the Muslim world. And im wondering: "What the hell is that SMELL?"

For an enlightened people (supposedly), muslims certainly make one HECK of a mess. The streets walking to the mosque in Makkah literally STINK of garbage. Muslims of a certain national (not mentioning who) would buy food from takeouts (all the streets are lined with them) eat it outside on the street and throw the stuff on the street. Then they'd do their wudu there, even sleep there. And i wouldnt be surprised if they took a leak there too. Infact theres soo much garbage that the government has to hire a 24/7 cleaning crew... and its still not clean.

Me, My Family & The Hajj (part 1)

Hajj... the pilgrimage of a lifetime. The one trip we must all eventually take to the House of God. So why was i freaking out? hmmmm, well mostly coz i was convinced id burst into flames before i even stepped foot in the sacred citys. Being a big time sinner and all, i was almost sure that i was beyond redemption.
Funny how things turn out.

Diary of My Hajj

I still can't believe I'm going to Hajj; I've been on cloud nine ever since Dad confirmed the visa. Time doesn't seem to move - I can't eat, sleep or concentrate on anything. I've started a diary in which I'm noting down everyone's dua's and Salaams. It truly is an invaluable gift; the best thing a father can give his daughter.

I feel incredibly fortunate; words cannot even begin to describe the immense amount of gratitude I feel in my heart for my Creator. Finally after months of privately praying and begging Allah (swt), my prayer is finally answered. Alhumdulillah by the grace of Almighty Allah in a matter of weeks I will be performing the journey of a lifetime!!