Me, My Family & The Hajj (Part 3: Final)

Okay so we're off to Jamarat. The site of the three devils... also known as the Big Devil, Middle Devil and the lil devil (almost feel sorry for that lil guy... almost). But I was soo gonna kick his ass anyway... the lil twerp. But with all things on this trip. Something was bound to go wrong.

So we were traveling from Mina to the site of the devils. Which is like a 30 minute walk (and yes i mean walk... you have to walk... no cars or taxi as the roads are PACKED with people). No biggie right? Parents decide to leave my kid sister behind at Mina. You know the whole people get squidged to death at the site of the 3 devils. Stupid idea. There was an official protest by yours truely. Leaving someone behind is a bad idea. No it isnt they said. We'll be back in 2 hours they said. No big deal they said. We left Mina at 9am and we got back at 10pm at night. OMG, we walked to Jamarat in 30min. Went to the big devil stoned the cr@p outta the him (it was a walk-by stoning)... and there was no rush. People just walked by stoned him as they went and then off to Makkah. For the full head shave (for the last time) and finally to loose the Ihram. A quick twaaf & Safa Mar'wa (on the top floor... whcih took hours). And then treking back to Mina (its 7pm right now). So we grabbed a taxi that would get us in the region.... we had to sit on the FRIGGN ROOF! And then there was this HUGE traffic jam and we got stuck in a tunnel. So... us stuck on the roof of a taxi... in a tunnel with a traffic jam... car fumes everywhere. It was not pretty. And then the jacka$$ taxi driver drops us off at the Jamarat. Which is 30mins away from Mina!!! I was this close to loosn it.... this close!!! {makes strangling gestures with a crazy face}!
My feet were killing me... and im not talking about aching... im talking about a full on blown MURDER!!! Got back to the tent and sis had been in tears... sick with worry apparently. I was not amused. After which I demanded we all stuck togeather. Id watch over sis...arms of steel remember Wink

Following 2 days we'd stone the three devil consequitively... all of us. And then return to the tents. And then the Group Leader would screw us over again. One bus between us all 100. So its a choice of either get on the bus and go back to Makkah comfortably or actually stone the devil on the last day!... we sent mom & sis along on the bus whilst us guys treked to the Jamarat and then onto Makkah. Did i mention? Someone stole my slippers and left these others that would stab your feet with every step you took. So as you can imagine i was power-walking all the way to the Jamarat with the mantra "must kill group leader... must kill group leader" lol. And then we finally got to Makkah. And although mom & sis had arrived, the luggage hadnt. It had been uncermoniously thrown from the bus as it was moving. I had strong words with the Group Leader... in my big voice.

We were only therefore another day. So we just sorta chilled and tried our best to enjoy our time there. Stayed at Makkah from fajhr till well past 10 in the morning. Did our Alvida Tawaaf... just taking in the scene which could possibly be for the last time... ever.

Final Thoughts: The places themselves are beautiful, awe inspiring. Praying there changes a person, suddenly your entire world is shifted two inches to the right. Theres no more doubt in your head or heart. There is no more chaos, there is perfect stillness, there is peace.
So when i think about all the cr@p we went through on this trip (alot of which i havent mentioned) especially the bit at the airport :roll: but i believe that before we could accomplish the whole point of hajj we had to be broken down and re-built from the ground up. And the hardships that we went through whilst there were a way to earning our own salvation. Because in the end, he who walks in the way of Islam does so in his own interest.



You got through it and gained something too.

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thanks for putting the story up.
I enjoyed reading it. Smile
Hope remembering the experience will help you when your feeling not so good too.

mashallah i liked reading about your journey, the way it had teh good and bad bits in it was really good and made it more interesting? and funny Smile

inshallah Allah(swt) accepted ur and ur family's hajj lifetime Smile

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