I will be grateful.

Pick a day when you’ll try to be grateful to Allah.

Allah deserves our thanks all the time, and we shouldn’t limit our thanks in any way… but set aside one day when you’re more grateful than normal. A day when you wake up and go to sleep, and your whole goal is to be grateful to Allah, to thank Him, subhanahu wa ta’ala, as much as you possibly can.

When you rise from sleep, thank Allah with all your heart for the new day, the chance to start over. The chance to grow and get closer to Him. Thank Him for the air you’re taking in with your lungs, and for each breath He’s given you – without having to do anything on your part – since the day you were born.

How to be Grateful

Ive always wondered how to thank Allah subhanahou wata'ala.

I knew all about how to ask for forgiveness and how it was quite a process, but i thought, "what about thanking Allah?" saying Alhamdoulillah surely couldnt be enough? wasn't there a set pattern? something specific to do?

then i found . and i'm so glad i did. (its less than 2 mins, dont be scared...)

It does seem a lot harder, a lot more complicated. and a more constant thing. But after reflecting, we have a lot more to be grateful for.

Such an ugly girl! [Story]

Such an ugly girl!

This is a story where the main character is unfortunately not aesthetically pleasing. She has no high cheekbones or thick, long lashes or even a fair face. It's rather dark and her lips are a little too wide, her nose a little too long and it's not the perfect oval-shape. To be honest, she's not pretty.
Her father thinks she is, but father's think their daughters are the most beautiful, because a daughter IS the most beautiful child where as a the son is their pride. It just works that way.
Even with a hijab, a face is the first thing a person sees, and first impressions of this girl are not too good.

Well, on with the story.