Aylan Kurdi | Tears for The Little Syrian Boy

Don’t turn away and hide your face,
It's not the time, it’s not the place,
Look at me, stand and stare,
Lifeless and listless do you care?
My only crime was to be born,
Three years ago in a place war torn,
My short lived life, my mother’s tears,
Hopes and dreams destroyed by fears,
And as the world turns inside out,
Back to front and full of doubt,
My picture goes around the earth,
Governments decide what we are worth,
An immigrant, or a refugee, 
Is that your eyes can see,
Human beings are we not the same,
Being used as pawns in a political game,
For now my life has ended here,
On a beach somewhere, so far so near 
Close to freedom, a promised land,

‘Hope, faith, willpower, prayer’.

(By Unknown)

Bombs exploding,

Sirens wailing,

Children screaming,

Mothers screeching,

Bodies piling,

Rockets firing,


Chaos unfolding…


Not knowing whether they’ll live to see another day…

Unable to sleep due to fear of losing their home and loved ones….


Innocent civilians living in constant fear and threat…

Wondering if peace will ever be restored…



Mentally crushed,

Inner Self

Hello you all! It's been a long time coming, but after so long I've managed to do something I haven't done for ages. I've written another poem.
I'd like to give special credit to Power of Silence for her encouragement; naturally I decided to call this poem Inner Self. Enjoy!

Seeing you again makes me grin and laugh like I’m lame
A sense of happiness, joy, nostalgia, longingness and then shame
I look upon you, the one who saw and shone so bright
Putting trust in you, your honour and your loyalty would confirm I was right.

If you fail at first, try, try again

L-test hell for S Korean driver

A South Korean grandmother has failed her written driving test 771 times.

Police in the city of Jeonju said the 68-year-old woman has taken, and failed, the written test repeatedly since April 2005.

She failed the exam once again on Monday but has said that she will continue trying...

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Lifebites 1


As part of a project I'm working on I decided to write some short pieces. Snapshots of life that are useful to see. I call them, 'lifebites'.

This is #1. I wrote it after thinking that the...

...difference between a painting and a photograph is that they both capture something beautiful, But a photo locks it away forever like a bird in a cage or a butterfly under glass. Whereas a painting captures but also sets free like a beautiful lifechanging moment that whilst intense is fresh every time its experienced.

Hope its useful. Enjoy.