Editorial - Are you a sheep?

By Sajid Iqbal

Who are you? What are you? Are you a leader or a follower?

Do you follow society or does society follow you? Are you scared to be different or proud to be you? Do you stick to your guns?

Or do you say what people wanna hear? So the question is... ARE YOU A SHEEP?

"...I ain't no sheep, orite!..."

is what y'all sayin' yeah?

So tell me, are you proud to be a Muslim or embarrassed to be labelled one? Do you stick to your Islamic beliefs at home as well as when you're at college/uni/work?

Muslims - You Gotta Integrate!

I don’t know about you but I’m sick to death of every Tony, Trevor and David bangin’ on about Muslim integration.

From the issue of the veil to the bombings of 7/7, from the cartoon hoo haa to the Pope’s outburst and from Muslim schools to ‘Muslim ghettos’... yep you’ve guessed it- it’s all because Muslims don’t integrate, innit!

Yeah didn’t you know... ’these Muslims need to integrate more... if they wanna live in our country then they need to live like we do!’.

Editorial - Lost

By Sajid Iqbal

My Ummah, those who follow me, the future of their faith makes me worry till I cry. My brothers and sisters in Islam, will they be strong and carry on after I die?

These are the moving lyrics from a nasheed (Islamic song) by Dawud Wharnsby Ali expressing how the Prophet (peace be upon him) was worried about the likes of ME and YOU - his Ummah.

The Ummah is the Muslim world, about 1.6 million of us in the UK from all colours, races, nations, tribe, backgrounds, languages and cultures.

Editorial - The Freedom To Insult?

In a dark dark world there was a dark dark country. In the dark dark country there was a dark dark newspaper. In the dark dark offices of the dark dark newspaper, the dark dark Editor had a dark dark idea.

He decided to set up a dark dark competition to make some dark dark caricatures of the Prophet of Islam. His dark dark intentions being to test whether Muslims would be able to accept this dark dark vision.

Enough of the fairy tale! The Muslim reaction was anger. Understandably so. Yes some Muslims went too far with their protest by rioting, threatening, kidnapping and hijacking! However, the thing most non-Muslims did not understand was why the reaction was two months down the line.

Editorial - 2005: A year To Remember?

What a year it has been! Blimey... I think it’s one for the Muslims to forget. Or is it?

Well, let’s find out shall we.

First of all we had the terrible and unforgettable bombings in London which were carried out by four Muslims. Not exactly what we needed, was it? As a result every Muslim was seen as a potential terrorist and suicide bomber! The media had a field day, doing its best to demonise Islam and the Muslims.

Editorial: Is it coz I is Muslim?

By Sajid Iqbal

So what kind of a Muslim are you? A very strict one, an 'OK' one, a part-time Muslim or do you fit in the 'sorry mate I don't do religion' category? Do you wear the long robe or Armani jeans? Do you listen to the Quran or Bollywood tracks? Do you drink coke or smoke it?

No matter if you're a wicked Muslim or a gangsta Muslim- if you look like a Muslim, or if you have a Muslim name- after the events of 7/7 EVERY Muslim is under the spotlight. A day doesn't go by without Muslims and Islam being discussed in the media.

Editorial - Terrorism Has No Religion

The London terror attacks were a nasty piece of work by sick, pathetic, blood-sucking idiots. These attacks were a massive crime against humanity. This was a job carried out by crackpots who have no value for human life.

They wanted to kill anyone and everyone- black, white, brown, pink, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Atheist. These kind of people, and those behind them, need to be caught and punished big time!

So ‘who-dunnit’ is what everyone wants to know. The favourites are always Al-Qaeeda whether it was them or not. It seems that British Muslims were behind these terrorist attacks. And you know what that means don’t ya? Islam and EVERY SINGLE Muslim is put on trial.

Editorial - The Revival Reloaded

By Sajid Iqbal

Welcome to The Revival. A new and improved, bigger and brighter mag for the Muslim youth. Yes, The Revival is back after a few years of chilling and perfecting our suntan!

Now we are back again as the Voice of the Muslim youth - the biggest and brightest Muslim youth magazine, and it's absolutely free!

The Revival will be out every two months inshallah dealing with the everyday issues facing the Muslims today.

In every issue you will find some funky, weird and wonderful Regular Features including the likes of 'Back to Basics with Ali Wannabe and Jamal', 'Turkey of the month' and 'Media Review'.

Editorial - April 2002

Sajid Iqbal

Peace to you all...

Yes you're reading another bombastic telly-fontastic issue of The Revival.

I know its a wee bit late, but i have a wicked excuse... believe me. check it out... your beloved editor was struck down with Tuber-Culosis (TB). So I was totally knocked out for a few months... and if that wasn't bad enough a few of our staff came down with a nasty bug. Altogether now, say aaah!

But still, just for you chaps, the boyz and I have worked our goolies off to get this issue out ASAP. So tell us what you think, and now coz we're big time (he says!) ... we need your support.

Distributors, articles, feedback and some dosh would do nicely... so become a subscriber today!

Editorial: Xmas or Ramadan?

Sajid Iqbal

Yes, it’s that time again when there are many special dishes on the table, loads of movies on the telly, the hype of the end of the year and a big celebration at the end of it all.... yep, it’s Ramadan slap-bang in the middle of the X-mas celebrations!

To make it worse, this year you’ve got the Millennium Madness Disease spreading everywhere.

This is the month when we’re supposed to be doing extra worship, becoming pious, wipe the slate clean and try to attain Taqwa, understand Islam properly and become a practising Muslim.

Well if you thought it was difficult last time round then by-heck have we got a hell of a challenge this year.