Upcoming Muslim Marriage Events 2017/2018

Salam Brother & Sisters


Please find below upcoming events in the uk

Muslim Marriage Events Manchester

Open Event - Single or Divorced - Any age welcome

Sunday 10th December 2017

Royal Nawaabs, 1008 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3WN


Muslim Marriage Events Leeds

Open Event - Single or divorced - Any age welcome

Sunday 14th January 2018

Mumtaz Leeds, 1 & 2 Mackenzie House, Chadwick Street, Leeds, LS10 1PJ

The REAL STORY in the Birmingham "Trojan horse" school plot

There is an article in today about Park View academy in Birmingham where there are allegations of a "Muslim plot" to take over schools.

To me this story seems to be just another in the line of trying to muddy the waters about Muslims and to tarnish out collective reputations.

The real story? Park View Academy has managed to turn itself from a failing school where single digit figures were passing their GCSE's into a school which has become a beacon of achievement, where others want to emulate this success.

Why do Muslims need to take over Birmingham's schools? We can just open a Free School!

There is a story that has been doing the rounds for the last couple or so weeks about how certain segments of Muslims in Birmingham are trying to "take over" state schools in Birmingham.

This was all based on that was found outlining a "Trojan Horse" style conspiracy which allegedly suggested that muslims should underhandedly sabotage schools to remove their head teachers etc.

The claims ranged from exposing teacher collusion in exams in a top accademy to sabotaging ofsted inspections to discredit the school, with the aim of "regime change" so that the schools can be taken over to have a more conservative outlook.

Muslim students banned from wearing veils at college

Angry Muslim students have hit out at college chiefs after being banned from wearing religious veils for “security” reasons.

All students, staff and visitors to Birmingham Metropolitan College have been told to remove any face coverings so individuals are “easily identifiable at all times”. But the controversial ban of the niqab – a veil that leaves only a slot for the eyes – has sparked fury among some Muslim girls, who say they are being discriminated against.

The policy was revealed just days after politicians discussed banning the burka. Kettering MP Philip Hollobone – who refuses to see constituents who will not lift their veils – raised the issue in a Private Member’s Bill, saying it “goes against the basic part of the British way of life”.

The Walk, not an ordinary WALK

After my time with my wordsearch, I spent about about an hour and a half sitting with my dad talking about 'stuff'. I can't remember a single word about what we had talked about but all i know is that we talked about 'stuff' whatever that 'stuff' was. Then for a couple of hours i have absolutely no idea what i did because my mind is just blank at the moment so i'll begin at the part that i can remember.

I decided to go into town to try and look for matching items for the dresses that i had bought a while back and a couple of things for one of my sisters too, but then my youngest sister and mother decided they wanted to come too, so the three of us were dropped off into town by my dad.

Africa VS Asia UK Comedy Tour


Constructed around the standup routines of some of the nation's most celebrated and rising comedians.

WE ARE ONE spearheads the newest generation of comedy that is quintessentially British.

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER Africa meets Asia combines the best of both continents under the banner of mutual respect.

Our goal for this tour is simple, to break down racial and cultural stereotypes whilst educating muslims and non-muslims about tolerance and acceptance through the vehicle of comedy.

Proceeds from this show will go to help support orphanages in Kenya, Pakistan and Guyana.

Hosted by Nabil Abdul Abdul Rashid

Representing the Asian Corner (red corner)

Inder Manocha

Halal Bilal

Mickey Sharma

Tez Ilyas

Riots and looting in parts of London, Birmingham and Manchester

London Ealing
There are now reports of looting in Ealing, west London
and a Tesco store has been looted

London Clapham
youths attacking shops in Clapham, south London

London Waltham Forest
Three officers injured after being hit by a vehicle in Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest,
More than 30 youths vandalising and looting a number of shops in Walthamstow and Waltham Forest

London Hackney
In Hackney, shops were attacked, and there were skirmishes as youths threw objects including chairs and pieces of wood at officers in riot gear.

Cars and bins were set alight, and contents from the bins were used as missiles by the offenders.

At one point, several people broke into the back of a stationary lorry.