Why do Muslims need to take over Birmingham's schools? We can just open a Free School!

There is a story that has been doing the rounds for the last couple or so weeks about how certain segments of Muslims in Birmingham are trying to "take over" state schools in Birmingham.

This was all based on that was found outlining a "Trojan Horse" style conspiracy which allegedly suggested that muslims should underhandedly sabotage schools to remove their head teachers etc.

The claims ranged from exposing teacher collusion in exams in a top accademy to sabotaging ofsted inspections to discredit the school, with the aim of "regime change" so that the schools can be taken over to have a more conservative outlook.

aThis story didnt just get covered in the usual suspect papers like , but also more serious broad sheets like The Sunday Times, and .

However since the original storm, there has been more development where it has been suggested that the story .

One of the individuals allegedly involved has also .

It is suggested (in ) that this hoax was in support of some employment tribunal claim and not actual real conspiracy.

Now that that has been enough to put out the fires - The Guardian published an article quoting individuals that stated that while this document was fake, it doesn't mean that those dastardly Muslims wouln't do such a thing, for they are known to be devious. ()

There are even some Muslims who think that such an act is .

A question in all of this no one has asked is "why?"

"Why create a trojan horse plan to overtake an existing school?"

This is the question that cannot be reasonable answered. While all Muslims want Muslim students to be catered for in state schools, there are better ways of doing that. One is to actually cooperate.

Another is to use the governments own methods. The Conservative government, while in general pure evil thats eats babies to keep it alive, has created a method that is not underhanded, not closed secretive or conspiratorial. Its the Government's own Free Schools initiative.

Members of the community if they do not think the normal schools are catering for them can get together and organise their own free schools  They just set it up and the government more or less foots the whole bill.

Easy. No need for a trojan Horse, no need for underhanded tactics, no need for conspiracy.

So to those who will believe the trojan horse conspiracy, ask yourself why would anyone do it.

To those who are considering partaking in such a trojan Horse conspiracy, ask yourself why when you have been given all the power to set up schools that can cater for your children freely and openly.