Trojan Horse conspiracy

The Conservatives' "Abuse of Justice" & the Trojan Horse Conspiracy

Trojan Horse

A couple of years ago there was a lot of hoohaa in the media about a conpiracy for Muslim extremists to take over schools, mostly in Birmingham. A lot of this hullabaloo was supported by the then Prime Minister David Cameron, his Education Minister Michael Gove and the OFSTED head Michael Wilshaw.

The hysteria reached such levels that a government enquiry was set up to investigate the infiltration.

The Muslim community in Birmingham was much demonised by this enquiry and many students and teachers tarnished by the media hysteria.

Independent Islamic schools in Birmingham top GCSE pile

New figures released ahead of this year's results show that three Muslim schools in the city were among Birmingham's top 20

Independent Islamic schools in Birmingham are proving to be cream of the crop when it comes to GCSE results, new figures have revealed.

As teenagers across Birmingham are due to receive their GCSE results on Thursday, latest Department for Education statistics show that three Muslim schools in the city featured among the top 20 results last summer.

Trojan Horse witchunt: Church of England school accused of Islamic Extremism

The Mccarthy'istc witchhunt where previous recognised excellent schools are being accused of supporting or not protecting from Islamic extremism continued long after the departure of crusader in chief Michael Gove (who mysteriously wrote a book about trojan horses in schools years before a fabricated letter brought the idea into the mainstream).

The latest victim? another Muslim academy? no. Public school with Muslim board of trstees accused of manipulating it? no. It is a Church of England (of christian fame) .

Leaked Trojan Horse report: "anti-US and anti-Israel" rhetoric is sign of "extremism"

A new report by Ex-cop Peter Clarke was "leaked" into the media yesterday. The headlines stated that there was ''.

What the headlines don't say is that Peter Clarke says that "anti-US and anti-Israel" rhetoric is a sign of "extremism".

So next time a teacher wants to talk about justice and oppression, if you point out justice and oppression by Israel or the US, its a sign of extremism.

Why do Muslims need to take over Birmingham's schools? We can just open a Free School!

There is a story that has been doing the rounds for the last couple or so weeks about how certain segments of Muslims in Birmingham are trying to "take over" state schools in Birmingham.

This was all based on that was found outlining a "Trojan Horse" style conspiracy which allegedly suggested that muslims should underhandedly sabotage schools to remove their head teachers etc.

The claims ranged from exposing teacher collusion in exams in a top accademy to sabotaging ofsted inspections to discredit the school, with the aim of "regime change" so that the schools can be taken over to have a more conservative outlook.