Trojan Horse witchunt: Church of England school accused of Islamic Extremism

The Mccarthy'istc witchhunt where previous recognised excellent schools are being accused of supporting or not protecting from Islamic extremism continued long after the departure of crusader in chief Michael Gove (who mysteriously wrote a book about trojan horses in schools years before a fabricated letter brought the idea into the mainstream).

The latest victim? another Muslim academy? no. Public school with Muslim board of trstees accused of manipulating it? no. It is a Church of England (of christian fame) .

This has never about safeguarding children, but a politically started witchhunt and it continues unabated.

Quoting from the linked article:

Kenny Frederick, a former headteacher at George Green’s secondary school, in Tower Hamlets, who retired last year, said Ofsted’s intervention at Sir John Cass appeared politically motivated and was at risk of doing more harm than good.

She said: “It’s a witch-hunt. It’s absolutely appalling. It’s a good school with a good track record. Parents, kids and staff will be up in arms. It’s not a hotbed of radicalism. The governors don’t want to take over the school.

I couldnt say it better myself.

It all seems conveniently timed with the Rochester and Strood by election that the tories just lost.