Who in History would you like to meet?

I was going to create this topic about the companions of the prophet sallAllahu'alaihiwassalaam. 

who from the companions would you really like to meet in Jannah inshaaAllah?

I really want to meet Ibn 'Umar and Anas ibn Malik. mainly because they were "youth" during the time of the prophet sallAllahu'alaihiwassalam and I read all these hadith reported by them as well. I would just love to get to know them and meet them!

this topic can also be used to talk about anybody else in History you'd like to meet. but thing is, with the sahabas radhiyAllahu'anhum, if we work hard enough, inshaaaAllah we WILL be able to meet them.

(i wrote all this yesterday but forgot to create the topic)

***The Quran admits that Mohammad (PBHU) could not be a prophet***

The Quran at Surah 29, Aya 27, admits that prophet Mohammad (PBHU) could not be a prophet since it stipulates that prophets will come in the line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Mohammad (PBUH), according to Muslims, came in the line of Ishmael, which means he could not be a prophet and Mohammad was not related to Ishmael.

Also, Genesis 17:21-22, says God made a covenant with Isaac, NOT Ishmael. Deuteronomy 18:18 states that only a "brethren" of the Israelites, as in a fellow Israelite, could be the prophet.

Man Of All Time!

Sajid Iqbal

There is no other man who has influenced life for all times. There is no other man who is a perfect role model for all humans for all times. There is no other man who has given rights to people of every society for all times.
So who is it then?

Einstein, Darwin, Marx, Socrates, Newton, Plato, Freud… (who?).
OK, is it Jesus, Moses, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Gandhi, Buddha, Lenin, Mussolini, Stalin, Churchill, Martin Luther King, Shakespeare, Princess Diana or Abraham Lincoln? Or even (God forbid) Ali G, Tu Pac, Michael Jackson or David Beckam?