Benefitting from the Quran

The only way we can truly benefit from the Qur'an is to build a strong connection and relationship with it. So, how can we do this? My friend shared the following with me and it's worth reading.

1 - Every time we go to recite the Qur'an or touch the Qur'an, we should renew our intention, that we are about to take the step to speak to Allah ﷻ. Know the value of this Book of Allah. We have so many copies of the Qur'an around the world, in abundance, that we lose value for the Qur'an. Know that if this Qur'an was revealed on a mountain, it would crumble, perish, be destroyed. This is the true value of His Book.

Sources of Islamic Sharia

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Quran Sharia , Islamic Sharia, Sources of Islamic law
Islamic sharia in the light of Holy Quran and learning the secondary sources of sharia

'Islamic Sharia' is the set of laws which are needed to be followed by the Muslim Ummah. It has been set compulsory for Muslims to live their life according to these defined rules. People who put allegations on Islam for being a limited religion, and call it a religion of past, will be enlightened about the versatility of the same Religion.

There are two sources of Islamic Sharia, one being the primary while the other being secondary. Secondary, in no way means that it can be skipped. Infact, It is the one which is needed in current world to resolve many issues being faced by Ummah.

99 Secrets: I Memorised the Qur'an in a Month!

"I always get people asking me, how can I memorise the Qur'an? How can I do it whilst being in the west busy with work and other commitments? How can I do this and do that. It all started back in 2006 when I was in Cairo, ever since I wanted to write things down, discoveries I made, people I met and methods I came across. So I am writing a book.

I would appreciate it if you could check out the project(s), "sign up and share!" and join the journey."



Traveler with the Quran


My love for Arabic is kicking back in. It's kicking me so hard and all i want to do is listen to Arabic. Just want to listen to Arabic all day long and listen to the Quran all day long. I want to write this blog in Arabic but that would be pointless because i'd have to accompany it with English translation. 

Facts About The Origin Of Taraweeh Salah

Assalam-o-alaikum , Muslims brother and sisters:    

In this holy month of Ramadan we must pray more and more with Quran learning and Recitation to please Allah in any possible way.

Here is a common issue of Taraweeh Salah, regarding the fasting. Peoples have different views and perception about this and the way it can be clarify is below:


Quran reading source

Is Allah Rehman and Raheem?

Is Allah rehman and raheem?


Allah does not guide the disbelieving people (Quran 2: 264)

Allah has set a seal upon their hearts so the continue to be misguided (Quran 2:7)

In their hearts is disease so Allah has increased their disease (Quran 2:10)

Allah will not guide wrongdoers to the right path, except the path of hell (Quran 4:168-169)

Verdict of Islam on Men Shaking Hands With Non-Mehram Women

One of the major questions asked by most of the Muslims residing in West is that, shaking hands with a non-mehram woman is permissible or not?

The ‘woman’ in the question includes both Muslim and Non-Muslim women. Though the Eastern countries provide far less places and chances, where non-mehram men and woman can shake hands with each other, on contrary survival is not possible without doing so in the western world. Moreover, shaking hands with a non-mehram woman is regarded as a sin in Islam.

For more details please visit the site below:


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