Our responsibility to Libya

Map showing Libya

Today another tragedy is in the news - - estimated at upto 700 - have drowned to death when their boat capsized in the Mediterranean sea.

These people were escaping the chaos of Libya trying to get to the stability of Europe. This is not the first such incident, but many Libyans have made the calculation tha the situation in Libya is so dangerous, these risks are worth taking.

The news reports will treat this latest even as a tragedy, but those who read about it won't get a sense of what is happening or our responsibility.

Gaddafi agreed to abdicate & go into exile before 2011 coalition assault/lynching

I came across t - Gadhafi of Libya had contacted the US before the coalition bombing campaign which also armed various rebel groups that are still at war.

He offered a peaceful transfer of power where he woudl abdicate and go into exile - he even took "confidence building" measures of moving his armed forces away from the cities.

He recieved no response and eventually after the passing of a UN resolution to "protect civilians" the Western coalition of nations, mainly France and the UK went to war to oust him.

Libya has remained broken and in chaos ever since.

The National Transitional Council has voted for Saif al Islam Gaddafi to be tried in Libya

The National Transitional Council has voted for Saif al Islam Gaddafi to be tried in Libya.

Libyan information minister Mehmood Shammam says the decision will be discussed with the International Criminal Court's (ICC) chief prosecutor when he visits Libya on Monday.

Saif is wanted by the ICC on charges of crimes against humanity.

Mr Shammam said it would only be fair for Libyans to try Saif at home where he "committed crimes against Libyan people".

Huge Crowds As Libya's Liberation Is Declared

Libya's new rulers have declared the country's liberation after 42 years of being ruled by Muammar Gaddafi

Hugh crowds gathered in Benghazi were told that the "Pharaoh of our times" had been consigned to "the garbage bin of history".

NTC chief Mustafa Abdel Jalil kneeled in prayer after taking the podium and promised to uphold Islamic law.

"We as a Muslim nation have taken Islamic Sharia as the source of legislation, therefore any law that contradicts the principles of Islam is legally nullified," he said.

Gaddafi falls

Well, the rebels have entered Tripoli, there seems to be some sense of jubilation in some segments of the capital while others are still held by Gaddafi's forces.

Gaddafi's son Saif al Islam Gaddafi has been captured and this seems like the ned of the civil war and of the Gaddafi regime.

Now the hard work starts of rebuilding the state - NATO has offered its assistance, which Abdul Bari Atwan of Al Quds on BBC News said was just them/us telling the rebels who is actually in charge.

Freedom is cheap

Currently the middle east is going through a set of disturbances, something which is undoing a part of what was done there a century ago when the countries were carved up and eventually lead to a multitude of despicable regimes.

What they are fighting for is also a multitude of things, but a major theme is one of dignity and freedom. and jobs and prosperity, but the latter can be eased by the former.

So far Tunisia and Egypt caved and the regimes fell - the end result may be for the good, or it may be the same or worse, as instability always has a price.

Yemen is brinking on the edge of total chaos where the ruling President has promised to stand down but not many believe him. Some prominent figures, including in the army have asked him to go, others have asked him to stay.

The UN declares war on Gaddafi

The UN has backed all necessary measuers short of a full on occupation force to help defend the civilians in Libya and air strikes could start against government targets within hours.

Good news or bad?

Gaddafi needs to go but I dont think there should be outside meddling. I may be wrong on this though, and maybe the world will unite under genuine grounds and not turn this into another Iraq from 20 years ago.

Then again I wouldn't be too angry about a single missile strike that takes out Gaddafi. I doubt that will happen though.

Look twice.

There was an arab leader facing insurrection from the people.

The people had suffered long enough - they were rising up and wanted change.

The leader, being a typical repressive arab leader used his armed forces to break the people's back. He used the armed forces and the air force to break the rebellion.

The world looked on in horror, and since the "free world" was already not a fan of the regime, it decided to take action. Afterall, something had to be done for the sake of the people.

Sanctions and no fly zones were the name of the game.

Now a question for you all: Am I talking about Libya in 2011, or Iraq in 1991?