Fetih 1453 - Turkish movie about the conquest of Istanbul/Constantinople


Fetih 1453 is a high budget turkish movie about the conquest of Constantinople/Istanbul.

It has surprisingly high production values and does a good job at portraying the history without taking too much of an artistic licence - It is shown as a hard slog instead of something jingoistic.

Some people have complained the the rulers of Constantinople are always shown as evil and conniving and this hasnt gone down well in greece.

Lollywood Movie Bol (Speak)

This movie has raised quite a few eye brows because it tackles subjects which are considered taboo in Pakistan or Muslims societies

Here are few of the things the movie looks at

Taking responsibility for your actions in this case the action is child birth people having lots of children just for the sake of it and then not being ab;r to feed them as we believe that its “gods will” that you will have so and so number of sons and daughters

Pakistani are disappointed when there wife gives birth to girls
if there are 3 girls born one after the other then the man would marry another women thinking this wife may not be able to give birth to boys