Fetih 1453 - Turkish movie about the conquest of Istanbul/Constantinople


Fetih 1453 is a high budget turkish movie about the conquest of Constantinople/Istanbul.

It has surprisingly high production values and does a good job at portraying the history without taking too much of an artistic licence - It is shown as a hard slog instead of something jingoistic.

Some people have complained the the rulers of Constantinople are always shown as evil and conniving and this hasnt gone down well in greece.

There are also a few sequences where events are shown without adequate explanation - I suspect its because its aimed at the turkish market where the movie goers will know the history better, but for people who know less, there are a couple of occasions where further explanation would have been helpful.

Other than that, apart from a fight sequence straight out of bollywood that didnt fit well with the rest of the movie, it is a good film which provides good insight into events around teh conquest of Istanbul/Constantinople.

I would reccomend those that can to watch it (its only showing in two cinemas in London in the UK).

7/10 - the historical element is well portrayed and the movie looks good but there could be improved story telling and better coreography in the battle scenes.