Top 10 Tips on Befriending a Racist

In recent weeks several anti-Muslim racist groups have reared their heads. Most of them seem to be football hooligans taking a break from beating each other up every other weekend.

In between bouts of organised violence they have "demonstrated", in multiethnic communities, against "Muslim extremists", mosques and, I guess, "Pakis".

Anti-racist groups have held counter-demonstrations and these have been attended by large groups of young Muslim lads. Unsurprisingly, these confrontations have ended violently and with people getting arrested.

However, there is a simpler way to deal with these racist thugs. Aside from taking the bait and locking horns with them on the streets we can try to win over their "hearts and minds".

Are all terrorists Muslims?

Further discourse with members of Casuals United:

"Its a fact that whilst not all muslims are terrorists, All terrorists these days are muslims so why does the so called peace loving religion stamp it out?"

erm.. you need to get yourself some figures. Muslim terorism accounts for probably less than one % of all terrorism related activity in Europe - ""

why cant you intergrate into society like others?

From my friendly discourse with Casuals United:

why cant you intergrate into society like other races? why moan and set up ghettos and no go zones for whites etc?

Have you personally been exposed to any of these "no go zones" for whites? Are you sure they are not simply a figment of the media's imagination (actually no, I do suspect there to be morons around where there are such cases and yes, if they do exist, they are wrong)

I have a friend hounded out of a property he bought and paid for because it was in a predominantly white area. He repeatedly was threatened, had his windows smashed, people threaten and break in.

There should be no "no go zones" anywhere IMO as they are all bad and counter productive.

Britishness is Dead, Long Live Britishness

Britain is not the country it used to be. It's once grand empire has shrivelled to a few sparsely populated islands here and there. It is no longer at the forefront of global commerce and its influence in international relations diminished as it played second fiddle to George W Bush's foreign policy for almost a decade. Ideals of Britain being powerful, home to the best race in the world, and the last bastion of civilisation no longer hold sway.

Dutch MP’s Anti- Quran Film: Is this the road to Integration?

By Majed Iqbal-

It was on September 30, 2005, when the Danish daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten’s, published cartoons depicting the Prophet of Islam in an attempt to “test the level of tolerance of Muslims” living in Danish Society.

Two years on from the international furor created by these publications, a sequel with an even more loaded message to this issue is about to re-kindle another international situation.

Dutch lawmaker, MP Geert Wilders, who last summer called for the Quran to be banned in the Netherlands has now made a movie, entitled “Fitna”, to support his contention that the Koran inspires “intolerance, murder and terror.”

Can Muslims Go To The Pub? Even If They Do Not Drink?

Shaykh Salim Ghisa


Are Muslims allowed to go to the pub even if they do not drink, especially if it is work related?


By Shaykh Salim Ghisa

No. In Islam places which are allocated for the use of Haram activities are forbidden to enter even if it is not for consuming the Haram. The reason for this is that these are places which gain the wrath and the curse of Allah and also as a Muslim one must ensure that their outwardly actions do not lead others to doubt them, therefore going in to Pubs, Clubs, Casinos, dance bars etc could make a person who sees this individual think that they are going in for the wrong reasons.

Allah's Messenger (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) cursed ten people in connection with alcohol:

Editorial - Who Am I?

Sajid Iqbal

I am a father, a mother, a husband, a wife, a brother, a sister, a son and a daughter. I am a child, a teenager and an adult. I am a neighbour, team mate, work colleague and soul mate. I am a student, a graduate and a teacher. I am soap mad, a football fan, a food fanatic and a shopaholic. I am normal, special, ambitious, creative and fun.

So what am I? I am a Muslim.

Online Exclusive: From the Forums

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Is anyone sick of saying it?

Do people not SEE the hijaab or beard?

Mr Honey's Day Out:

It is better than ignoring you. If I was your friend and inviting people down the pub I'd feel terrible just specifically inviting everyone except you.

If you can't go and order a Coke, maybe it is your opportunity to suggest something specific another time.


All Eyes on Me

Muslim woman using her iphone

Muslim woman using her iphone
Muslim woman using her iphone
Hafsah bint Sayeed al Awlaqi

I would never have thought a piece of cloth could cause so much fuss. But Jack Straw decides to pull a publicity stunt, Holland does away with the Human Right’s Act, and the next thing you know, pictures of veiled women are plastered across the front pages of almost every newspaper in England.

Muslims - You Gotta Integrate!

I don’t know about you but I’m sick to death of every Tony, Trevor and David bangin’ on about Muslim integration.

From the issue of the veil to the bombings of 7/7, from the cartoon hoo haa to the Pope’s outburst and from Muslim schools to ‘Muslim ghettos’... yep you’ve guessed it- it’s all because Muslims don’t integrate, innit!

Yeah didn’t you know... ’these Muslims need to integrate more... if they wanna live in our country then they need to live like we do!’.