Exclusive Interview with Shaykh Ibrahim Osi Efa

Sajid Iqbal (Transcribed by Iram Ramzan & Irfan Khan)

Shaykh Ibrahim was born and raised in Liverpool, England. Initially studying for three years in Syria and Mauritania he then had the opportunity to spend over six years in the city of Tarim, Hadramaut where he studied under the hands of many high calibre teachers of our time.

He was one of the founders of several Islamic initiatives including the Ibn Abbas Institute, Starlatch Press, Badr Language Institute and the Greensville Trust. He currently resides in Liverpool, England with his wife and two children.

Life Of An Outlaw - Exclusive Interview with Napoleon

Ya'qub Bell & Imaani Aslam

Born and raised on the mean streets of New Jersey, Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale was only 3 years old when his Muslim parents were murdered in front of him. Brought up by his grandmother he followed in the footsteps of his cousin and older brother and took to selling drugs out on the streets to earn a living. After getting arrested on his first day out on the block he decided to try and find another hustle, another way to make money, so he turned to writing raps.

After travelling to L.A. he was introduced to Tupac Shakur who asked him to join his rap group Outlawz as ‘Napoleon’. Alongside the other Outlawz - which included Kadafi, Kastro, EDI and Hussein - Napoleon appeared on over 40 million records sold worldwide.

Interbew Q&A Technique

Job interviews can be tough. They will sometimes throw really weird and awkward questions at you JUST to see what you say.
And in this day and age where the job markets pretty tough, i think we should help our fellow members get a job!

The one question i hate that comes up in almost every interviews is:

Q. What are your salary expectations?
And whats awkward about this question is you could potentially undersell yourself or inadvertently ask for waaayyy too much and based on which they might turn you down.

I always say something like: My salary is as important to me as yours is to you and i just ask you be fair.

Exclusive Interview with Sami Yusuf

Humayra Sadiq

The Revival's Humayra Sadiq had the opportunity to talk exclusively to Sami Yusuf about his latest single: ‘You Came to Me.’ Here he tells us about his albums, his charity work and his plans for the future.

Br Sami, Jazakallah for agreeing to take the time out to do the interview with the Revival Magazine.

My pleasure, no problem at all!

You have had a lot of success in the past few years. What inspired you to go down the line of music? Was it something you’ve always wanted to do?

Well, yes I mean everyone – at some point - kind of searches deep inside their souls to find out they have one, or perhaps few, multiple talents that they think they can use and utilise to contribute in their field. For me that ‘one’ talent was music.

Exclusive Interview With ZAIN BHIKHA

By Fatima Khonat

So there we were, doing all those laborious tasks the Editor had demanded us to do when only one of the most talented Nasheed artists walked into the media room. Hearts pulsing and trying to keep the ecstatic smiles hidden of our faces we managed to grab a few words with him...without leaving him thinking of The Revival team as freaks.

Exclusive Interview with Baba Ali from Ummah Films

Baba Ali (real name Ali Ardekani) has become an Internet phenomenon. He is the co-founder of Ummah Films, and his series of videos on YouTube, 'The Reminder' and 'Ask Baba Ali', have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

Ummah Films seems to use entertainment to reach out to the masses who usually do not attend lectures or services at the mosques to learn about Islam. Baba Ali can now be seen on the Islam Channel and has been a guest at many Islamic conferences around the world.

The Revival caught up with him at a recent event for an exclusive interview...

So how did you get the idea for Ummah Films?

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Mohammad Ali

Mohammed Ali is an artist who combines urban graffiti and Islamic calligraphy. He is based in Birmingham but his work takes him all over the world. The Revival's Irfan Jalil spoke to him about his source of inspiration and the place of art in Islam.

How would you describe the work that you do?

It's about the fusion of graffiti art with Islamic art. Fusing these two elements together to create an urban spiritual art form.

How did you start out as an urban artist?