GangCulture :/ ---- Wrote this poem myself, R.I.P all those who have suffered!!

FOR ALL THOSE YOUTHS - brothers, sons and friends Sad you will always be remebered!!!

You won’t tell me how its been
How you’ve lived, what you’ve seen

But the walls speak of the pain
The street shows me your gain
Your “boys” don’t give a toss

Your cell number shows me your loss …..

But your eyes tell me your story
Your gang warfare and so called glory

A stab wound, a slash, right on his chest
Ya boys are buzzin
What will it be next ….

Your pockets getting heavy
Your egos getting bigger
You thinking your solid
Then somebody call you n****r

Your anger and pain get blown out of proportion
Plus your all high
Buying crack for extortion

You wanna kill him
Cuz you think you’re all fly
Shoot him to the ground

[Muslim] Girl attacked burned and robbed in broad daylight

These are the shocking injuries inflicted upon schoolgirl Sureyya Ozkaya during a brutal daylight assault near her Thornton Heath home.

The 14-year-old’s hair was set on fire and her hands and feet were cut with glass during the attack in Grangewood Park, before her attackers smashed her head against a tree and left her bleeding in a bush.

She was stumbled upon by a woman walking her dog and carried home to nearby Kitchener Road following the attack, at about 7.30pm on June 9.

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